Summer 2016 Courses

(Click for printable PDF of the Summer 2016 Course Schedule.)

Code No. Section Course Title Instructor
AP 601 CA Introduction to Apologetics Dr. Alan Myatt
CH 501 CIROA The Church to the Reformation Dr. Slavik Lytvynenko
CH 502 CIROA The Church Since the Reformation Tyler Lenocker
CH/SF 591 CA Dynamics of the Spiritual Life Dr. Gwenfair Adams
CH/TH 676 CIROA Lewis and Tolkien Dr. Ryan Reeves
CL 503 CO1 Foundations for Leadership Dr. Steve Klipowicz/
Dr. Rod DeFord
CL/NT/OT 574 CA Biblical Theology of Leadership Dr. Sid Buzzell
CL 630 CO1 The Person of the Christian Leader Dr. Rod Cooper
CL 640 CA Managing Conflict Dr. Rod Cooper
CO 501 CO1 Introduction to Counseling Research Dr. Bob Mayer
CO 614C CA Family Systems Theory Dr. Vickey Maclin
CO/WM 712 CA Cross-Cultural Counseling Dr. Rod Cooper
CO 719 CA Human Sexuality Dr. Vickey Maclin
CO 720 CA Children in Therapy Dr. Vickey Maclin
CO/PC 750 CA Counseling for Crisis and Addictions Dr. Rod Cooper
CO 770 CA Lifestyle and Career Development Prof. Chris Cook
CT 500 CO1 Introduction to Theological Research Dr. Bob Mayer
ET 501 CIROA Christian Ethics Dr. Laura Miguelez Quay
GL 502 CIROA Basic Greek II Dr. Mark Jennings
MC/SF 501 CO1 Spiritual Formation for Ministry Dr. Steve Klipowicz
NT 501 CIROA New Testament Survey Dr. Drake Williams
NT 501 CO1 New Testament Survey Dr. Ryan Jackson
NT 502C CA Interpreting the New Testament Dr. Gerry Wheaton
NT/OT 517-O CO1 Interpreting the Bible Dr. Catherine McDowell
NT/OT 517-O CO1B Interpreting the Bible Dr. David Schreiner
OT 500 CIROA Old Testament Survey Dr. Douglas Stuart
OT 511 CA Interpreting the Old Testament Dr. Catherine McDowell
PC 511 CIROA Introduction to Pastoral Counseling Eric Brown
TH 501 CIROA Theology Survey I Dr. Kirsten Sanders
TH 502 CIROA Theology Survey II Dr. Adonis Vidu
WM 601 CA The World Mission of the Church Dr. Brent Burdick/
Dr. Alan Myatt