MACC Application Procedures

Students are admitted to the MACC degree in the fall semester only. Admission to the MACC program is a two-phase process. Both phases must be completed, by the deadlines, in order to be considered for admission to the degree program. Admission begins with a submitted application.

Further information regarding the MACC degree program requirements, completion time, licensure and other details can be found on the degree program page here.

Phase 1 - Application

Prospective MACC students must submit a full application, as described in our application procedures. The full application and all required components must be received before permission to continue with Phase 2 can be granted.  Application deadline is March 1.

Once all components of your application are received, the application is reviewed for permission to continue with phase 2 of the admissions process. Permission to continue to Phase 2 does not guarantee admission to the seminary or the MACC degree program.

Phase 2 - Interviews/Psychological Assessments

If approved, applicants to the program are notified in writing to contact the Admissions Office in order to schedule interviews and psychological assessments. These will be held on Tuesdays in March. On the scheduled day, applicants will plan to be on campus in Charlotte to complete the personal interview, a group interview, and a series of standard psychological assessments. Time is allotted for a lunch break and food is provided. Space is limited; applicants are encouraged to plan ahead and ensure they are available for interviews/psychological assessments on one of these days.

Applicants will not be given the results of their psychological assessments. 

Final admissions decisions will be made and sent in writing (via e-mail and USPS) on a rolling basis.