Special Instructions

Transfer Student

A student applying for transfer from another seminary or graduate school is requested to submit a full application, including a "Statement of Explanation and Purpose" for the proposed transfer. You can include this explanation in your Personal Statement. Transfer credit will only be evaluated for applicants who have submitted a full application. Apply online today!

Transfer credit is normally granted for coursework taken at other Association of Theological Schools (ATS)-accredited, graduate-level seminaries. Up to 50 percent of a student's program can be met by transfer credit. Only a limited amount of elective credit can be given for coursework taken at seminaries which are not accredited by ATS. Any courses that are accepted for transfer credit at the Charlotte campus will reduce the number of credit hours available in distance learning in your program.

Students transferring from recognized seminaries or graduate schools are given an evaluation of transfer credit upon request. As a general rule, such transfer credit will be approved only if comparable courses are included in Gordon-Conwell's curriculum. Maximum transfer credit is forty-five credit hours (or fifteen courses) for the M.Div. program, thirty credit hours (or ten courses) for the Master of Arts programs. Transfer credit is not granted for work completed more than ten years prior to matriculation at Gordon-Conwell.
Any person desiring a transcript evaluation for transfer credit prior to matriculation should request such in writing to the Admissions Office, accompanied by a transcript and syllabi for all courses for which you are seeking transfer credit.
For further information on transferring credits and to request a transfer evaluation, please use the form below.

Visiting Student

If you are currently a student in good standing at another accredited seminary, you are welcome to take classes at Gordon-Conwell.

There is an abbreviated application process for Visiting Students. On the application, make sure you select “Visiting Student” as your degree. Mark “Semlink” if you are planning to take classes through our distance education program. Follow the directions for visiting students on the Special Instructions PDF on the left-hand side of the application. We require that you submit a letter from your Academic Dean or Registrar indicating that you are currently a student in good standing at your seminary and that coursework from Gordon-Conwell will be applied to your degree requirements there. You do not need to send recommendations, personal statements or transcripts.  

In summary, a visiting student should complete the following:

  • Full Application
  • Transcripts are not required.
  • Please include a letter from your Academic Dean or Registrar indicating that you are currently a student in good standing at your seminary and that coursework from Gordon-Conwell will be applied to your studies there.

Begin your application online today!


Current Student (Adding a Second Degree)

Current Gordon-Conwell students who wish to add a second degree program or change their current program should complete the appropriate form. Current Gordon-Conwell students wishing to transfer to Charlotte from another campus must complete the campus transfer form. Information and necessary forms are available on the Registration page available here.

Should you wish to add or change to a Master of Arts in Christian Counseling (MACC) degree, a full application is required. For further information on the MACC program, application procedures and deadlines, please see the MACC Student page. Completed applications should be submitted to the Admissions Office.

Former Gordon-Conwell students and graduates wishing to resume degree studies or take additional classes for credit should contact the Admissions Office. In most cases, returning students will be required to complete a new application. Alumni looking to take additional classes for credit or official audit may be able to complete an abbreviated application.

Special Partnership Students (IVCF, YL, SIM, Salvation Army)

In an effort to support various ministry organizations, Gordon-Conwell has established relationships which include abbreviated application procedures. Gordon-Conwell is glad to partner with these organizations and provide opportunity for individuals within these groups to compliment, enhance and further their ministry. Staff, missionaries and ministers of these organizations are invited to apply to Gordon-Conwell through an abbreviated process.

Full-time staff members and missionaries must submit an application, with autobiography. You only need to answer question #1 of the Personal Statement—vocational goal and how you expect this degree to help in your ministry. Transcripts are also required. Instead of the three recommendations, you will only need to provide a letter from your supervisor confirming your eligibility as a staff member. On the online application, please make sure to follow the instructions on the Special Instructions PDF on the left-hand side.

In summary, staff from special partnership organizations should complete the following:

  • Application
  • Autobiography
  • Personal Statement, Question #1
  • Transcripts are required.
  • A letter from your ministry organization which confirms you as a staff member.

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All auditors are restricted to non-participating member status in classes, which means that they may not participate in class discussion (except as authorized by the instructor according to the terms included in the course syllabus),  submit written work, or sit for exams for the purpose of receiving an evaluation. Limited courses are not available to auditors except by written permission from the professor and the Registration Office. Some courses may not be audited.

Current students may officially audit courses by paying the current audit fee and student services fee, and by receiving approval from the Registration Office. Individuals not enrolled in a degree program and wishing to enroll as official auditors must complete a formal application with the Admissions Office.

Official audits will be recorded on transcripts. Students must attend at least 75% of the class meetings in order to receive a grade of `AU' on their transcripts indicating that they satisfactorily audited the course. Auditors are responsible for verifying their attendance by submitting a written statement to the professor stating that they did attend at least 75% of the class meetings.

Official auditors should anticipate paying the required fees upon registering for their desired course(s). This includes $150 for the course, plus $150 per semester for a student services fee.

Official auditors should complete the following for their application:

  • Full Application
  • $50 application fee
  • One pastoral recommendation (Recommendation Request)
  • In a separate document, please indicate which courses you desire to audit, why, and how you will benefit from them.

Begin your application online today!

Veteran Benefits

Gordon-Conwell is approved to enroll veterans, military and other eligible persons in programs of education under provisions of  Titles 38 and 10, United States Code. These programs include all chapters of GI Bill, even Post 9/11.  We are not currently listed as a Yellow Ribbon school because our tuition rates are already below the maximum GI Bill rates.

To receive full benefits, a student must be enrolled full-time (7 hours). The SCO will routinely check and certify enrollment to the DVA at beginning of each term.

New and returning VA students to the Charlotte campus will find further information at the Veterans' Benefits webpage.