Life of Jesus

Mark Jennings
Instructor: Mark Jennings
Code: NT503-I
Section: SEML
Location: Online
Schedule: Online
Dates: Jan 25–May 7

Course Description

Life of Jesus (NT503) offers study of the complementary portraits of Jesus in the four gospels to determine the events of his life, the content of his message, and his understanding of his own person and mission.

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will:

  1. Recognize and differentiate between the different views about Jesus within modern Jesus Scholarship
  2. Articulate the arguments for the historicity of the Gospels’ depiction of the life of Jesus.
  3. Explain the character and nature of the gospel genre
  4. Demonstrate an understanding of the major subjects of Jesus’ life and teaching, especially the significance of Christological titles, kingdom of God, and Jesus’ messianic self-consciousness
  5. Distinguish between the different portraits of who Jesus is as presented in the four Gospels
  6. Extrapolate the significance of the life of Jesus both for the life of the church and for the life of the believer

Weekly Lessons

Over 15 weeks, you will cover the following topics and lessons:

Module A: Introduction

  • Week 1: King of Kings

    Module B: Modern Views of Jesus

    • Week 2: Jesus Quests

    Module C: The Gospels Themselves

    • Week 3: Gospels as History
    • Week 4: Exam 1

    Module D: Jesus: His Life, Ministry

    • Week 5: Infancy and Childhood
    • Week 6: Baptism and Temptation
    • Week 7: Key Aspects of Jesus’ Ministry (Part 1)
    • Week 8: Key Aspects of Jesus’ Ministry (Part 2)
    • Week 9: Parables and the Kingdom of God

    Module E: Jesus: His Death and Resurrection

    • Week 10: Western Holy Week, no course requirements
    • Week 11: Last Days in Jerusalem
    • Week 12: The Passion
    • Week 13: Exam 2

    Module F: Further Considerations

    • Weeks 14-15: Christology; Presentations from Small Groups

    Reading List

    1. A Bible. Read Matthew, Mark, Luke, John
      **If using an English Bible, either the English Standard Version or the New Revised Standard Versions are recommended. Not recommended are the King James or New King James versions. Paraphrases are not allowed (such as The Message or The Living Bible). Either the ESV Study Bible (ISBN# 978-1433530838) or the NIV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible: Bringing to Life the Ancient World of Scripture edited by Keener and Walton (ISBN# 978-0310431589) are worth having for the notes.**
    2. Craig S. Keener. The Historical Jesus of the Gospels. (Eerdmans, 2009). ISBN-13: 9780802868886

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