Cultural Apologetics

Andrew Martin
Instructor: Andrew Martin
Code: AP602
Section: CA
Mode: Digital Live
Location: Charlotte, Online
Schedule: Mon-Fri 9:00am-4:00pm
Dates: 06/07 - 06/11


This course will focus on the challenges to belief experienced by Christians living in this present age. The basic purpose is to equip students to better understand the culture in which they live, to better perceive the temptations to idolatry embedded in this culture, to gain confidence in the ongoing truth and relevance of the gospel of Jesus Christ, to communicate this gospel more effectively to fellow bearers of the image of God, and to develop principles for partnering with unbelievers in the work of cultural formation. The course will combine theoretical and practical modes of reflection in order to encourage students to develop both the shaping principles and concrete practices of their cultural apologetic.


This course serves the following institutional learning objectives:

  • To encourage students to become knowledgeable of God’s inerrant Word, competent in its interpretation, proclamation and application in the contemporary world.[Article 1]
  • To maintain academic excellence in the highest tradition of Christian scholarship in the teaching of the biblical, historical and theological disciplines.[Article 2]
  • To train and encourage students, in cooperation with the Church, to become skilled in ministry.[Article 3]
  • To work with the churches towards the maturing of students so that their experiential knowledge of God in Christ is evidenced in their character, outlook, conduct, relationships and involvement in society.[Article 4]
  • To provide leadership and educational resources for shaping an effective evangelical presence in Church and society.[Article 5]
  • To develop in students a vision for God’s redemptive work throughout the world and to formulate the strategies that will lead to effective missions, evangelism and discipleship.[Article 6]


Upon completion of this course, students will:

  • Make connections between Christian doctrinal commitments and various approaches to culture.
  • Articulate aconsidered and self-conscious approach to cultural apologetics, and exhibit awarenessof its theoretical and practical implications.
  • Understand how to apply this approach to cultural apologetics to specific questions and issues.
  • Identifyand analyze obstacles to belief that are embedded in the culture of the world and indeed even in the culture of the church.


Mode: Digital Live

This weeklong intensive Digital Live course will be conducted from the campus with a schedule aligned with GCTS’ academic calendar. Students should plan to interact weekly with the material, with each other, and with the instructor through online/classroom discussions, reading, and other assignments that promote active learning.


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