Julius Africanus Guild

Ph.D. Support Program


To identify and nurture promising evangelical minority doctoral students for the purpose of adding historically orthodox inerrantist teachers from under-represented groups to teach at Gordon-Conwell.


The Julius Africanus Guild is a doctoral level support and study group that includes mentoring, peer support, advice on developing academic writing skills, dissertations, resources, as well as the practical classroom experience of learning the art of lecture and other class preparations and discovering the rudiments of grading.

Program Requirements

For the Middlesex University/London School of Theology (LST) Ph.D. program, an M.Div and a Th.M. (or an equivalent of 8 courses above the M.Div. or 6 courses and a 75 page thesis) are required. The program is 3 years full-time or 4 1/2 years part-time. The candidate must:

  1. Have a thesis supervisor willing to work with the applicant at GCTS;
  2. Complete the LST and GCTS application forms’
  3. Obtain an LST second supervisor;
  4. Be interviewed by GCTS-Boston Dean of Academics;
  5. Pay tuition to LST for 3 years full-time;
  6. Pay a) three credit hours/semester to GCTS-Boston every year, b) tuition costs for each class taken at GCTS-Boston, c) yearly supervisor fee
  7. Be willing to travel to LST at least once for the oral exam, preferably two or three times (once per year);
  8. Participate in the regular Boston Africanus Guild meetings.

Program Pre-Requisites

Participants must be M.Div. graduates (and normally Th.M. or D.Min graduated) who have begun a doctoral program (Ph.D., Th.D. or another teaching degree) either in Boston or environs or in recognized extension programs from graudate schools. Guild scholars normally will teach at least one course at CUME.

Program Orientation

The Guild is especially oriented to the multicultural, multiracial urban scene. Underrepresented constituencies, such as African Americans, Hispanic Americans, racial ethnic minorities, and women preparing to teach Biblical Studies or Theology, are especially encouraged to apply.

Download the Julius Africanus Guild Program of Study Student Handbook.

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