In the summer of 2021, Gordon-Conwell formally transitioned to new degree programs. Learn More. The program below remains active for students who entered before that time who have not yet graduated. No new students are being accepted into this specific program.

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Master of Arts — Christian Studies

Program Overview

The Master of Arts (Christian Studies) is a general degree which allows students to begin their theological education remotely and proceed accordingly on their own. The degree offers the opportunity to take courses across the broad spectrum of the seminary curriculum – from Old and New Testament courses to Church History and Theology courses as well as a foundational course in Ministry studies. This academic program allows students to pursue a Gordon-Conwell degree without relocating to the Hamilton campus.

Program Distinctives

  • Both residential and 100% online models available
  • 48 total credits (16 total courses)
    • No practicum requirements
    • Overall Curriculum Flexibility
      • 10 core course requirements
      • 5 elective courses
      • 1 independent study project (or elective)
      • Final Summative Evaluation at the conclusion of the degree program
      • Full-time, residential students are eligible for Hamilton-based scholarships.

Typical Student

  • Church staff members with little formal theological training who desire or are being encouraged to take a basic foundation of theological training.
  • Individuals who are not sure about pursuing full-time vocational ministry but who would like to “test” their call by receiving a basic foundation of theological training.
  • Lay leaders who would like to receive an introduction to the broad contours of theological study and a better understanding of the Bible and Theology.
  • Individuals preparing for a vocational change and considering the possibility of a new career in ministry.
  • Life-long learners with a deep interest to understand the Bible and Theology better.

Potential Careers

  • Church Service
  • Lay Ministry and Education
  • Non-profit ministry

Program Goals

  • To understand the basic content and themes of the Old and New Testaments in their historical and cultural settings as well as the historical and theological dimensions of the Christian faith.
  • To be exposed to a rigorous study and practice of theology in its various disciplines through diverse faculty voices.
  • To demonstrate integration through a cumulative educational experience that embraces both academic preparation and life experiences.
  • To foster love for God and his Word and therefore to cultivate the practices of spiritual maturity and Christ-like character, and to understand the Christian’s ethical responsibility in church and society.
  • To develop a global vision for the Christian church.

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