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Graduate Certificate In

Christian Studies

6 Courses (18 Credits)

Available Online or at our Charlotte Campus

The Certificate in Christian Studies provides a foundational framework for Christian thought and ministry.

Students should be committed Christians exploring or pursuing Christian ministry. The six courses in this certificate are intended to foster a thoughtful, loving, Christ-centered approach to your ministry context. The Certificate in Christian Studies also provides a foundation for further theological study.

This certificate program is ideal for:

  • Elders & Deacons
  • Church Staff
  • Small Group Leaders
  • Christian Mentors
  • Campus Ministry Staff
  • Missionaries


Six courses (18 credits)



Exploring the Old Testament

Exploring the Old Testament (OT 500) highlights the big picture of the Old Testament through the lens of God’s relationship with his people. We will explore the content, context, message, and purpose of each Old Testament book. We will see how each book fits into the overarching story of the Old Testament and how the unfolding narrative points forward to Jesus as the climax in the story of redemption.



Exploring the New Testament

Exploring the New Testament (NT 501) traces the revelation of the Good News of Jesus Christ from the time of Jesus’ inauguration of God’s Kingdom, through the international missionary work of the Apostle Paul, to the Church’s communal life and witness in the first-century world. We will explore the content, context, message, and purpose of each New Testament book and see how they show the fulfillment of Scripture’s overarching narrative.



Interpreting the Bible

Interpreting the Bible (OT/NT 517) builds a broad foundation for responsible and productive study of Scripture by orienting students to the essential tools and issues in the field of hermeneutics. The course enables students to adapt the knowledge and skills acquired to their specific ministry contexts.
Prerequisites: OT500 & NT501



Theology Survey I

Theology Survey I (TH 501) focuses on the theological method, revelation, inspiration, and canon of scripture; existence and attributes of God; Trinity; creation and providence; human nature, and original and actual sin.



Theology Survey II

Theology Survey II (TH 502) focuses on the person and work of Christ, predestination, conversion, justification, sanctification, and the work of the Holy Spirit; perseverance; the nature and mission of the Church; sacraments, and eschatology. Prerequisite: TH 501



Spiritual Formation for Ministry

Spiritual Formation for Ministry (MC/SF 501) develops a working knowledge of spiritual formation leading to a lifetime of continuing education. Special emphasis is given to spiritual exercise and small group practice for personal application and for leadership in ministry. Alternative: Dynamics of Spiritual Life (CH/SF 591)

Further Study

The Certificate in Christian Studies provides a foundation for futher study through Gordon-Conwell.

  • MAGL 50% 50%

These six courses (18 hours) fulfill 50% of Gordon-Conwell’s MA in Global Leadership.

  • MACM 37.5% 37.5%

These six courses (18 hours) fulfill just over one-third of Gordon-Conwell’s MA in Christian Ministry. Not ready to start the MACM? Consider completing a second, six-course certificate (e.g. Lay Counseling), which would work toward the MACM elective space.

  • M.Div 20% 20%

In the same way, the Certificate in Christian Studies lays the foundation for the M.Div. fulfilling 20% of its requirements.

-TUITION RATES (Summer 2020)

In response to the many difficulties created by COVID-19, Gordon-Conwell is offering a limited time discount of 40% off our standard tuition for courses taken for the Certificate in Christian Studies during the Summer and Fall terms of 2020. This allows us to offer you a rate of $420 per credit hour ($1,260 per three-credit course).


Note: Service fees will be charged as follows for each semester/summer session in which a student registers for courses, regardless of student status or credit hours or registration type.

Summer I, II, III $100 (per session)
Fall/Spring $175
Semlink (online courses only) $150 per course

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Apply by May 12th for Summer Courses

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The Application should take less than 10 minutes to complete.

Application Process

(We have simplified our application to get you started quickly with a graduate certificate.)

1. Supply basic personal information

Provide Undergraduate Credentials (GPA & Transcript)

A bachelor’s degree is required* for admission into both a graduate certificate and master’s degree program. You will be asked to self report your undergraduate GPA. You will be accepted provisionally pending receipt of an official transcript, which must be received before completing your first full course. A minimum GPA of 2.5 is required for admission. Applicants with a GPA below 3.0 will also be asked to supply a personal reference.

2. Provide a Statement of Intent

You will be asked to provide a brief statement (approximately 250 words) why you desire to complete a certificate and how your studies will benefit your present or future ministry.

3. Affirm Our Community Life Statement

In order to operate as a community, all faculty, staff, and students are required to affirm and abide by our community life statement. You will be asked to assent to our statement as part of your application.

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