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The Certificate in Workplace Theology & Ethical Leadership (wtel) prepares Christians for faithful leadership in the marketplace

Embody Christ’s love and character in your entrepreneurial efforts, business enterprises, and marketplace activity in developing a fundamental workplace theology and constructing a biblical basis for ethical leadership. The Graduate Certificate in Workplace Theology and Ethical Leadership will equip you with the tools necessary to foster a thoughtful, loving, Christ-centered approach to issues of faith, work, and economics. Examine workplace ethics and theology, approaches for redeeming capitalism, foundations for leadership, and practical apologetic tactics. Targeting believers in the workplace, tentmakers, and marketplace leaders, this certificate’s six courses provide a basis for future theological study in Christian theology and workplace dynamics on local and global scales.

This certificate program is ideal for:

  • Believers in the Marketplace (& their Pastors)
  • Tentmakers
  • Marketplace Leaders
  • Christian Mentors


Six courses (18 credits)

Workplace Ethics

Workplace Ethics (ET/TH 642) explores the theory and praxis of Christian ethics in the workplace and across economic systems. Special emphasis is given to personal character, ethical decision-making, and governance.

Workplace Theology

Workplace Theology (ET/TH 648) equips students in the development of a biblical theology of faith, work, and economics. Students are given the opportunity to explore the practical application of workplace theology to their own settings and callings. 

Redeeming Capitalism

Redeeming Capitalism (SE 630) is designed to help students understand the relationship between theology and economics and to apply what they have learned to their ministries and their voice in the public square.

Foundations for Leadership

Foundations for Leadership (CL 503) provides an overview of leadership concepts from a biblical perspective, fundamental to running effective organizations. As a foundation course, it examines issues ranging from the personal qualities expected of Christian leaders, to the application of leadership skills in a wide variety of settings, both secular and religious.

Practical Apologetics

Practical Apologetics (AP/MC 612) combines theory and praxis to help students hone their apologetic skills. Students will increase their awareness of various arguments for and against the existence of God, develop an appreciation for the art of rhetoric, and build confidence in the efficacy of the gospel in the “marketplace of ideas.”

Research in Ethics

Research in Ethics Course (ET 860) allows for a directed ethics study in a specific area of a student’s background and goals.

Further Study

Our Graduate Certificates are intentionally modular, allowing you to stack certificates together to build towards (or even complete) a master’s degree.


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