Textbooks and Resources

There are two sources provided by the Seminary for obtaining textbooks and other resources. The campus libraries offer online resources and a mail-delivery service for a nominal fee, allowing distance learning students access to Gordon-Conwell’s extensive library collections. The Gordon-Conwell BookCentre also sells textbooks and required resources at a discount to Gordon-Conwell and Semlink students.

The Gordon-Conwell BookCentre

The list of required books for a Semlink course is available in the course syllabus. Required books and additional books that may be recommended but not required may be purchased from the BookCentre website. You may also contact the BookCentre directly at 1-888-252-4287.

Campus Libraries

Other resources for research and background information are available through the library system of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, including through the Digital Theological Library. Browse the catalog and find contact information for the library nearest you here.

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