Financial Aid Information

Scholarships and Grants

If you are already taking classes on one of Gordon-Conwell’s four campuses, any financial aid you have will also apply to your Semlink courses.  Please contact the Financial Aid office ([email protected]) if you have any questions about how particular scholarship stipulations might work with Semlink courses.

If you have not yet taken courses on campus, please review the Financial Aid information for the campus at which you plan to apply to see which grants and scholarships may be open to you.  Admissions officers at that campus will also be happy to help answer questions about scholarship opportunities!

Federal Stafford Loans

Students taking at least two Semlink courses in the same semester are also eligible to apply for Financial Aid in the form of a Federal Stafford loan for an amount up to the cost of the tuition only. (This does not apply to International Students.) Only students who are seeking a degree through Gordon-Conwell are eligible for applying for Federal Stafford loans. Visiting and Special Students are not able to apply for Federal Stafford loans through GCTS. For the two-step instructions on applying for Financial Aid, please visit our Apply for Financial Aid page.