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Ministry to Women

Informing spiritual passions by...

Forming mentored learning communities, thereby...

Transforming ministers and ministries for a lifetime.

First Residency Dates: June 9-18, 2015
Campus: South Hamilton
Primary Faculty Mentor: Dr. Alice Mathews, with significant guests Dr. Karen Mason and Dr. Sonja Dixon

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 This track has been designed to integrate academic and professional insights into practical skills related to effective outreach and development of women in our care. A graduate of this program will have new levels of professional competence in the skills needed for the practice of ministry by and to women in today's world.

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As a Doctor of Ministry student, you attend three two-week intensive residencies (seminars), one each year for three years. You also complete projects following each of the three seminars, including a major thesis-project following the third residency. You read widely in books and periodicals, and your reading and research contribute to the residencies and to your current ministry. Here is a sample reading from the residencies:

  • Joan Jacob Brumberg, The Body Project: An Intimate History of American Girls.
  • Gay Hubbard, More Than An Aspirin: A Christian Perspective on Pain and Suffering
  • Carolyn Custis James, Half the Church: Recapturing God's Global Vision for Women
  • Nicholas D. Kristof & Sheryl WuDunn, Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide
  • Alice Mathews, Preaching That Speaks to Women.
  • Alice Mathews & Gay Hubbard, Marriage Made in Eden: A Pre-modern Perspective for a Post-Christian World
  • Philip Payne, Man and Woman, One in Christ: An Exegetical and Theological Study of Paul's Letters
  • Dana Robert, American Women in Mission: A Social History of their Thought and Practice
  • Aida Spencer, Donna Hailson, Catherine Kroeger, William Spencer, The Goddess Revival
  • Rosemarie Putnam Tong, Feminist Thought: A More Comprehensive Introduction
  • Ruth Tucker & Walter Liefeld, Daughters of the Church: Women and Ministry from New Testament Times to the Present

To order these books through Christian Book Distributors, go to: gcts.christianbook.com.

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Here is how your studies will transform you and your ministry by seeking to fulfill our general Doctor of Ministry goals in some track-specific ways:

  • To resource students through a biblically-grounded educational program taught by faculty who are committed to God’s Word and the application of principles of Scripture to the issues of contemporary culture.
    • Dr. Alice Mathews is the Lois W. Bennett Distinguished Professor Emerita of Educational Ministries and Women's Ministries at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. She is widely known for her participation in the daily Bible-teaching program, Discover the Word. She is the author of Bible study books for women. Check them out at gcts.christianbook.com.
      • Studying with Dr. Mathew motivated me to build a deeper relationship with God, and to pursue a deeper understanding of who he is, especially as he presents as a still small voice. - Sharon Apopa, DMIN '10
    • Dr. Karen Mason is the Associate Professor of Counseling and Psychology. She has worked in the mental health field since 1990. Her research interests are focused on suicide prevention in the church.
  • To form in students a sound foundation of theological and biblical inquiry in Effective Ministry to Women that they are able to integrate into the life of Christian ministry.
    • Students will study relevant biblical passages carefully in order to be able to state their own biblical and theological understanding of women's place in the Church and home.
  • To provide students with the skill sets and understandings in a specialized area of ministry to such an extent that they can impact their congregation or community more powerfully for God.
    • Students will be able to formulate an approach to teaching and leading women in their ministry settings to a fuller use of their gifts under God's hand on their lives.
    • The combination of theology and the social sciences has sharpened my skills and made me more effective in my ministry to women.  - Sharon Apopa, DMIN '10
  • To create through the cohort model of the program a dimension of Christian community and spiritual nurturing so that students form strong friendships with one another and enter long-term relationships with the scholars who guide the learning experience.
    • Working within the Cohort provided me with extended spiritual support and a network of praying women that I can access as needed even today.  - Sharon Apopa, DMIN '10
  • To develop in students a deeper understanding of Christ’s lordship in all areas of life for the common good of the contemporary world.
  • To cultivate within students through critical reflection and careful research through the residencies and projects an enriched Christian witness in the places of society they are called to serve.
    • Students expand their understanding of their audience - the women both in their ministries and in the wider community.
      • In the first residency, the focus is on audience and cultural analyses - looking at psychological and sociological issues for women in today's world.
      • In the second residency, students examine biblical and theological issues touching women historically and currently.
      • In the third residency, students explore ministering to women in pain and synthesize three years of student into a grounded understanding of women and their needs.
      • Students will examine issues touching the challenges for women in the workplace as well as the challenges confronting full-time homemakers.
    • Students will focus on understanding the culture in which today's women live and move.
      • Students will examine the range of feminisms impacting women.
      • Students will look at some of the religious alternatives many women choose in place of historic Christianity.
      • Students will work to formulate ministry strategies that can help women resist some of the cultural pressures that lead them away from God.
  • To instill in students a refreshed view of their ministry as it relates to the proclamation of the Gospel among all people.
    • Here are some thesis-project titles to come out of this track:
      • Christian Women Making Biblical and Theological Decisions
      • Why Not More Black Women Leaders? Opening Our Eyes to Potential
      • Training of Bible Lecturers for Women's Ministries in the Church
      • Work Practices of Missionary Women
      • Christian Spiritual Formation as a Tool in Building Character Development in Women: A Correlation Analysis

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