Missions & Cross Cultural Studies

Informing spiritual passions by…
Forming mentored learning communities, thereby…
Transforming ministers and ministries for a lifetime.

First Residency: March 30-April 10, 2020
Campus: South Hamilton & Off-Site
Primary Faculty Mentor: Dr. Peter Kuzmic

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This track is not yet listed in the online application portal, but you can still apply online: Pick any track to proceed through the portal, then list the actual Missions track title in one of the essays you submit with the application and my team can catch it. Applicants use this workaround all the time, we hope it works well for you too.


You know the old maxim, “acceleration becomes virtue when you are moving in the right direction!” encourages lead mentor Dr. Peter Kuzmic. Transform your ministry by marrying the study of missiology with practical, hands-on training in various locations around the world.

Designed for individuals involved in cross-cultural Kingdom work, this dynamic, integrated program will bring you to a new level of effectiveness and professionalism.


I can’t wait to hear your thoughts and projections on where the global Church is headed and how we can serve each other to be optimally relevant and effective as we share the Gospel from our own backyards to every corner of our ever-changing world.

– Teaching Guest Rob Hoskins, D.Min. 2019.

As a Doctor of Ministry student, you attend three two-week intensive residencies (seminars), one each year for three years.

You read widely in books and periodicals, and your reading and research contribute to the residencies and to your current ministry. You also complete projects following each of the three residencies, including a major thesis-project following the third residency.


Here is how your studies will transform you and your ministry by seeking to fulfill our general Doctor of Ministry goals in some track-specific ways:

  1. To resource students through a biblically-grounded educational program taught by faculty who are committed to God’s Word and the application of principles of Scripture to the issues of contemporary culture.
    • Dr. Peter Kuzmic will lead these studies along with recognized missiologists Dr. Rob Hoskins and Dr. Paul Borthwick.
  2. To form in students a sound foundation of theological and biblical inquiry that they are able to integrate into the life of Christian ministry.
    • Students will be able to develop adequate tools for evaluating the biblical and theological assumptions undergirding mission methodologies.
  3. To provide students with the skill sets and understandings in a specialized area of ministry to such an extent that they can impact their congregation or community more powerfully for God.
    • Students will explore the translatability of the Christian gospel in an increasingly globalized world.
  4. To create through the cohort model of the program a dimension of Christian community and spiritual nurturing so that students form strong friendships with one another and enter long-term relationships with the scholars who guide the learning experience.
    • Students will be able to grow in their zeal for the glory of God as the motivation for missions through shared worship and community.
  5. To develop in students a deeper understanding of Christ’s lordship in all areas of life for the common good of the contemporary world.
    • Students will be able to analyze the sociological, religious, and historical factors involved in missionary endeavors worldwide.
    • Students will be able to develop an historical perspective as a basis for evaluating contemporary missionary practices, including developing insights for evaluating the nature of contemporary “strategies” in the light of historical, biblical, and theological principles.
  6. To cultivate within students through critical reflection and careful research through the residencies and projects an enriched Christian witness in the places of society they are called to serve.
    • Residencies will explore Christian perspectives and mission frameworks across the globe; with a first residency on campus in South Hamilton, MA; a second residencies abroad in Israel & Palestine and Bosnia & the Balkans, to the final residency split between Cuba and Florida.
  7. To instill in students a refreshed view of their ministry as it relates to the proclamation of the Gospel among all people.

    • Students will be able to discern principles of mission and development that have played a key role in the spread of the gospel around the world.

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