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Transforming ministers and ministries for a lifetime.

First Residency Dates: TBA
Campus: South Hamilton
Primary Faculty Mentor: TBA
Guests: Dr. Scott Gibson, Dr. Nick Gatzke

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How then will they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching?


— Romans 10:14, ESV

Christian leaders must not only communicate God’s truth themselves, but are often called upon to teach others to communicate. This Doctor of Ministry track develops within preachers the theology, reflection, and methodology necessary to proclaim the word in both their own preaching and teaching others the art.

Preaching should make a difference in people’s lives, therefore you will give particular attention to application of the biblical text to life. How do you reinforce rigorous biblical exegesis with rigorous cultural exegesis? How do you read the scriptures in public to convey the meaning of the text? What are different approaches to preaching? This transformation journey will prepare students with skills and tools to communicate effectively in their own changing church contexts and with those who come to them to learn about preaching.


As a Doctor of Ministry student, you attend three two-week intensive residencies (seminars), one each year for three years. You also complete projects following each of the three residencies, including a major thesis-project following the third residency.

You read widely in books and periodicals, and your reading and research contribute to the residencies and to your current ministry. Here is a sample reading list:

  • Jared Alcántara, The Practices of Christian Preaching
  • Scott M. Gibson, ed., Training Preachers
  • Matthew D. Kim, Preaching with Cultural Intelligence
  • Abraham Kuruvilla, A Manual for Preaching
  • Brandon O’Brien, Writing for Life and Ministry
  • Lisa L. Thompson, Preaching the Headlines

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Here is how your studies will transform you and your ministry by seeking to fulfill our general Doctor of Ministry goals in some track-specific ways:

  • To resource students through a biblically-grounded educational program taught by faculty who are committed to God’s Word and the application of principles of Scripture to the issues of contemporary culture.
    • Students will build on their skills of standing “between two worlds”– the world of the Bible and the world of today.
    • Dr. Matt Kim’s desire is to encourage pastors and enrich congregations by helping pastors learn how to truly consider the culture in which they preach.
  • To form in students a sound foundation of theological and biblical inquiry in their professional doctoral program’s specialized track that they are able to integrate into the life of Christian ministry.
    • Students will explore and critique their own hermeneutical and theological presuppositions.
  • To provide students with the skill set and understandings in a specialized area of ministry to such an extent that they can impact their congregation or community more powerfully for God.
    • Students will explore how literary forms of scriptural passages shape different types of sermons, preach a narrative sermon, and engage in teaching homiletics to others.
    • Students will explore a congregational context unfamiliar to them in order to learn from the theological and ministry practices of others.
  • To create through the cohort model of the program a dimension of Christian community and spiritual nurturing so that students form strong friendships with one another and enter long-term relationships with the scholars who guide the learning experience.
    •   Students preach in class, sharing and receiving peer feedback to aid the growth of each student’s preaching ministry.
    • Students will form small prayer and accountability cohorts for mutual encouragement and prayer support throughout their years in the program.
  • To develop in students a deeper understanding of Christ’s lordship in all areas of life for the common good of the contemporary world.
    • Students will identify, discuss, and pray together about areas of life and ministry that may not be fully surrendered to the Lord.
    • Students will press into the implications and applications of the Gospel and discuss how the Church can respond to the various needs in our world.
  • To cultivate within students through critical reflection and careful research through the residencies and projects an enriched Christian witness in the places of society they are called to serve.
    • Students will be able to critique his/her ministry in light of biblical and theological perspectives of preaching.
    • Students will study teaching methodology, and develop a personal plan for teaching the art of preaching to others.
    • Students will learn to grow in empathy and compassion with those who differ theologically, denominationally, racially, ethnically, culturally, socio-economically, and more.
  • To instill in students a refreshed view of their ministry as it relates to the proclamation of the Gospel among all people.
    • As a multi-denominational Seminary, students will be encouraged through like-minded ministry practitioners coming from various backgrounds.
    • Students will get to enjoy the beautiful scenery on the North Shore and in New England and connect with the Lord and with others.
    • Students will take back to their churches a renewed vigor for their preaching ministry.

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