Area Employers

Listed below are just a few of the many North Shore companies accessible from Gordon-Conwell. 

Affinity Company, Essex
An international video conferencing company
Phone: 800-370-7150
Email: [email protected]

Beverly Hospital/Northeast Health Services
Phone: 978-922-3000, ext. 2300

See also Salem Hospital in Salem.
Phone: 503-561-5200
Email: [email protected]

Christian Book Distributors, Peabody
A large catalog ordering company. In addition to year-round positions, CBD also hires many individuals for their season rush period, September through January

No phone calls. Resumes may be faxed to 978-977-5008.

EBSCO Publishing, Ipswich
A large publishing company, dealing primarily with periodicals and CD-Roms; Apply online.

UPS, Lynnfield
UPS offers a tuition reimbursement of up to $6000/year ($2000/semester) on a pre-approved basis for its employees. Available positions are usually in the area of loading/unloading the trucks. The hours for these positions are 3:00am-8:30am. Lynnfield is the closest branch to the seminary.

Contact: Jennifer Hunt, 781-586-7060

Trader Joe’s
You can get medical benefits, even if you only work part-time. There are two stores relatively nearby. Check with local store for employment opportunities.

Also offers medical benefits for part-time workers.

A Few Area Colleges:

Endicott College, Beverly 
Phone: 978-927-0585

Gordon College, Wenham
Phone: 978-927-2300

North Shore Community College
Main Campus, Lynn:
Phone: 781-477-2107
Email: [email protected]