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About the Partnership Program Pilot

How does it work?

  • Apply: Interested individuals* should apply for the Partnership Program scholarship with the Gordon-Conwell Partnership Director. All application forms can be found on the forms page.
  • Gordon-Conwell provides the student* with a Full-Tuition Scholarship.
  • During their time at Gordon-Conwell, the student receives focused biblical, theological and historical training in stewardship.
    • Seminars and discussions, teach principles of stewardship, the biblical foundations of ministry support, and principles of fundraising and support maintenance.
    • Topics include personal budgeting and finances, discussions with pastors about church-related stewardship issues, and workplace related forums.
  • Identify, through your network of family and friends, approximately 7 donors who will each give $75/month to the Partnership Program Scholarship Fund and support you in prayer. Contributions are tax-deductible.
  • Make a good faith effort to come to seminary with a sending church that has confirmed your call to ministry, has agreed to pray for you regularly, and give $2,000 per year to the Partnership Program Scholarship Fund.
  • Raising support is unique to each student. Several sample scenarios include:
    • Pilot Full-Time Partnership Program (13 or more credit hours/year):
      • 7 supporters at $75/month with a $1,000 commitment from a sending church.
      • 4  supporters at $100/month, 2 supporters at $500/year and a $1,500 commitment from a sending church. 
      • 4 supporters at $50/month, 7 supporters at $30/month, 4 supporters at $500/year and a $1,000 commitment from a sending church.
    • Pilot Part-Time Partnership Program (12 or less credit hours/year):
      • 4 supporters at $75/month with a $1,000 commitment from a sending church.
      • 3 supporters at $100/month with a $1,000 commitment from a sending church.
      • 4 supporters at $500/year, 3 at $50/month, 1 at $25/month and a $500 commitment from a sending church.
  • Possibilities abound. Please contact the Director of the Partnership Program for more information and to explore your flexible options.

What are the criteria for selection?

Primary criteria for selection are:

  • Commitment to the local church
  • Academic excellence
  • Strong sense of calling
  • Proven leadership in ministry
  • U.S. citizen or green card holder
  • All Master degree programs and Doctor of Ministry (D. Min.) can apply, excluding Master of Theology (Th.M.) 

What are the benefits of the program?

  • An emphasis on learning biblical principles of stewardship. These lessons will continue to bear fruit long after students have left seminary.
  • Continuing opportunities to strengthen ties with sending church, family and friends.
  • A full-tuition, renewable scholarship.
  • Focused Mentored Ministry training in stewardship.
  • Practical ministry skills and experience.
  • Practical fundraising training.
  • Participating in spiritual and discipleship mentoring and training events.

Application Deadlines

Candidates may submit an application to the Partnership Program after they have been accepted into a degree program* and have paid the non-refundable matriculation fee. Applications must arrive prior to the published deadline and may not be made retroactive for any semester. Early application is strongly recommended. Deadlines for each semester are:

Entry Point for Scholarship: Deadline:
Fall Semester April 15
Spring Semester September 15

For more information, contact the Partnership Program Director at (978) 646-4027 or partnership@gcts.edu.

* Matriculation is based on the date of your first residential on-campus courses. Semlink courses taken prior to your first on-campus course will not be covered under the scholarship.