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Charlotte Application FAQ's

Charlotte Application Answers

Q:How do I apply for Financial Aid at GCTS?

There are two forms to complete and submit to apply for Financial Aid at GCTS. They are the FAFSA and the GCTS Financial Aid Form. Links are found under “Applying for Financial Aid” on our website. The Financial Aid office collects these forms and begins an ongoing process of awarding new and returning students. These awards are sent via email, generally to the GCTS email or to the email that was listed on your FAFSA. If you have not submitted both forms, you will not receive any notice or award from GCTS.

Q:Why is so much paperwork and time necessary to process my financial aid application?

Some of the Institutional grant programs at GCTS that involve the Admissions, Partnership or Pierce Departments have application deadlines and then require time to review applications and notify students of the results. (See the Scholarship section of the GCTS webpage for more information.) Once the scholarship/grant is offered by these Departments, a list of recipients is given to the Financial Aid office. If both the FAFSA and GCTS form are in for the student, the Financial Aid office is then able to offer a student an accurate Financial Aid award based on the information given. In order for GCTS to participate in federal aid programs we must comply with numerous federal regulations. Each application for financial aid goes through a detailed review process. Some applicants are selected by the government for a process called verification. In such cases we must collect further documentation and compare it with all other information in your file. This takes time.

Q:How long will it take for my Financial Aid Application to be processed?

If you turn in your form by the priority deadline, you can expect an awards notification letter one month later. These are sent via email, usually to the email address that is on the FAFSA. For example, a new student who turned in their application (FAFSA and GCTS form) by the priority deadline of May 30th can expect to receive an award notification by mid June. If you did not turn both forms by the deadline, you can expect an award letter emailed as soon as possible after both forms are received. If you have submitted both the FAFSA and GCTS form and have not been awarded by July 1st, contact the Financial Aid office to see if there is a problem.

Q:I applied to GCTS, but have not been accepted. I also applied for financial aid. When will I hear back about financial aid?

If you applied for admission and also for financial aid, you will hear from the Financial Aid Office afte you have been accepted. 

Q:How does my admission status (limited enrollment, visiting, provisional, etc.) affect my financial aid?

Only students admitted into a degree seeking or certificate program may receive financial aid.

Q:What can delay my financial aid beyond the normal processing time?

The common delays are due to:

  • Incomplete, incorrectly completed, or late applications
  • Failure to submit requested documentation in a timely manner
  • An address or phone number that has not been updated
  • Certain issues which require a long time to resolve, such as a default on a prior student loan, failure to register for the Selective Service, etc.
Q:How do I know how much I need?

Begin by estimating your budget for the school year. Costs vary widely by campus and program and depend on each student’s pace of study. You should consider at least the following expenses in estimating your budget:

  • Tuition
  • Living costs such as Room and Board
  • Books
  • Travel, Health Insurance and other Misc. costs

Compare the cost of your program with incoming resources from at least the following:

  • Work
  • Family
  • Church
  • Other sources

The amount that remains is your financial need. Consider your options to reduce this need, e.g. reducing living expenses, increasing income from work, seeking additional outside support and/or accepting all or part of your financial aid award.

Q:How is financial aid applied to my student account?

Financial aid loans are electronically posted to your student account. Loan funds arrive by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and are posted to your account the same week they arrive. Before any funds are applied to your student account, a series of eligibility checks determine whether you still meet the criteria to receive them.

Q:Who do I talk to about my bill or my student account?

Contact the Student Billing Office in Financial Services (978) 646-4049 or finserv@gordonconwell.edu. (Note: this is not the Financial Aid office.)