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Hamilton Application FAQ's

Hamilton Application Answers

Q:How do I apply for financial aid at Gordon-Conwell?

Do two things:

  1. Complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Submit it online at https://fafsa.gov/. 
  2. Complete a Gordon-Conwell Financial Aid Application for your campus. Return the Financial Aid Application to the Financial Aid Office in Hamilton by mail, email or fax.  Find the application on the GCTS website: go to the Financial Aid tab, select your campus, and go to the Applying for Financial Aid page.
Q:How long will it take for my Financial Aid Application to be processed?

If you submit you FAFSA and Gordon-Conwell Financial Aid Application by the priority May deadline, you should receive an award letter in early to mid-June. The award will be emailed to your Gordon-Conwell email address.

If there is an issue with your application, the Financial Aid Office will be in touch. If they need something from you (such as more information or a FAFSA correction), be sure to follow through. Not answering will delay your award.

If you have submitted the FAFSA and GCTS Financial Application and do not receive an award by July 1st, contact the Financial Aid office.

Q:I applied for admission to Gordon-Conwell and haven't been accepted yet. I also applied for financial aid. When will I receive a financial aid award?

We are delighted that you applied to Gordon-Conwell. We will monitor your status and send your financial aid award to you after you are admitted and decide to attend. 

Q:If I'm a certificate or visiting student, does that change my financial aid options?

Yes. A student must be in a degree-seeking (M.A., M.Div. or Th.M.) program to be eligible for financial aid. Visiting students or students in a diploma, certificate, or D.Min program are not eligible for financial aid.

Q:How should I keep track of my correspondence and records?

Keep track of your financial aid. Designate a file and keep paper or electronic copies of your

  • GCTS award letters
  • completed Award Acceptance Statements
  • scholarship agreements and
  • Student Activity Reports (SARs) that you receive after submitting your FAFSA.
Q:What can delay my financial aid award?

Your financial aid award can be delayed by

  • Incomplete information on your FAFSA or GCTS Financial Aid Application
  • Not responding to a request for more information or correction to your FAFSA from the Financial Aid Office
  • Not checking your Gordon-Conwell email for messages from the Financial Aid Office
  • Not returning a scholarship renewal form
  • Not completing Partnership Program requirements
  • Not returning the Award Acceptance Statement from your award.

Reach out to the Financial Aid Office of you have questions or to check on your award.

Q:What can I use a federal student loan to pay for?

Federal student loans are designed to help you pay for the cost of school. So tuition, books, school fees, and living expenses are legitimate uses of student loan money.

Q:If I take out a federal student loan, when do I get the money?

Your loan is timed to coincide with the end of the Add/Drop period which is within the first three weeks of the semester.

The Financial Aid Office will email you to let you know that your student loan has been posted to your student account.

Q:Are there academic requirements for financial aid?

Yes, you must meet two ongoing requirements in order to receive federal student loans. Together, they are called "Satisfaction Academic Progress".

  1. You must meet the minimum GPA required for your degree program  AND
  2. You must succesfully complete at least 67% of the credits you attempt. Successfully completed means a grade of A, B, C, or D for a typical class or P for a course graded on a Pass/Fail basis. Classes for which you receive a "W" are also included in this calculation.

Reach out to the Financial Aid Office is you are concerned about Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Q:How is financial aid applied to my student account?

Financial aid is electronically posted to your student account. Loan funds arrive by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and are posted to your account the same week they arrive. Grant and scholarship funds are posted to your account in the 4th week of the semester. Before any funds are applied to your student account, a series of eligibility checks determine whether you still meet the criteria to receive them.

Q:Who do I talk to about my bill or my student account?

Contact the Student Billing office in Financial Services at (978) 646-4049 or finserv@gcts.edu. (Note: this is not the Financial Aid office.)