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Jacksonville What If FAQ's

Jacksonville What If Answers

Q:What happens if I drop classes after receiving aid?

This is a potentially serious situation for students receiving federal aid. If you drop below half time after receiving federal loan funds, we must check to determine whether you are eligible to keep the funds you have received. You must have at least attended classes at a half time level before dropping. If not, GCTS will return all loan funds applied toward tuition and fees and bill you for these charges instead. If you drop all classes, GCTS must calculate a portion of your loan to be returned to the lender. This also may result in a large balance due on your student account and difficulty registering for a future semester.

Q:What if I fail Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress?

Students with financial aid who fail the FASAP measurements for two consecutive semesters become ineligible for further financial aid until such time in a future semester as they pass the GPA requirement again.

Q:What if I register below half-time?

If you register below half-time in a semester, you will not be eligible for either Federal financial aid of loans or GCTS grant monies. If you already have a loan the current disbursement and all future disbursements will be cancelled. You will have to apply for a new loan to cover any future semesters in which you plan to be enrolled at half-time or greater.

Q:What if I have extraordinary expenses? Can these be considered in my financial aid?

You may be able to receive additional financial aid in the form of loans if you have unanticipated and unavoidable medical or disability related expenses that are not covered by any other means. To request further consideration, you must submit a written petition with documentation of the specific expenses. (Please keep in mind: Financial aid is not designed to meet all the needs that students may have, such as paying for credit card debt, high mortgage/rent, or car payments, etc.)

Q:What if I’m not a U.S. citizen?

You must be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident to receive federal aid. Other types of loans from private lenders may be available to students on an F1 or J1 visa, but these require a co-signer who is a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident.

Q:What happens if incoming loan funds exceed the charges on my student account?

When loan funds arrive they are automatically applied to current charges for tuition and fees. If you have signed a Title IV Disbursement Agreement which is on the GCTS Financial Aid form, then loan funds will also pay other charges if owed to GCTS. A refund will be processed for any funds remaining after the charges are paid per your request. Please contact the Student Billing office in Financial Services at (978) 646-4049 or by email regarding this request. Otherwise, monies will remain on the students account.

Q:What if I still have needs not met by my financial aid from GCTS. How do I find additional aid?

Students at GCTS receive additional aid from a tremendous variety of sources including churches, family, mission agencies, etc. We suggest you research possibilities through your church, denomination and any other organizations to which you belong. Check out our Funding Other Sources webpage for more search options for information. Any applications for outside aid are by the initiative of the student. If verification of enrollment is needed, please contact the Registrar office.