Global Education Course in Wittenberg, Germany
CH/TH 646:   “Heritage of the Reformation”
Professor:  Dr. Gordon L. Isaac
Course Fee:   $4,330*


Relive the watershed events of the Protestant Reformation by taking “Heritage of the Reformation” in Martin Luther’s backyard. This 3-hour course will transfer back as an elective for the majority of GCTS students. Students on any of the four GCTS campuses are welcome to apply.

Daily lectures by Dr. Isaac and local Luther scholars will be interspersed with educational excursions to such places as Luther’s birth and death house in Eisleben, Castle Church where he posted his 95 Theses, Wartburg Castle where Luther was held in seclusion for 10 months and during which time he translated the New Testament into German, and an overnight stay at the Augustinian Cloister where Luther became a monk.

A unique feature of the course will be the opportunity to interact with German ordinands studying at the Preacher’s Seminary (Prediger Seminar) located next to the Leucorea, the university building where Luther lectured. These future pastors are preparing to serve parishes in a culture, which for 60 years was under the rule of East German Communism.

Dr. Isaac’s partner in delivering the course is the Institut für Deutsche Sprache and Kultur at Martin Luther Universität Halle-Wittenberg. The Institute will collect the students from the group flight upon their arrival at the Berlin airport and shuttle them to Wittenberg. Students will be accommodated at the Institute’s newly-completed Colleg Wittenberg, with beautifully-furnished double sleeping rooms, three well-equipped classrooms, an informal gathering room for after hours, and a dining room. The Institute also provides a fleet of bicycles for student use. The scenic biking routes along the Elbe River will offer a pleasant diversion to travel and study.

Inclusive dates for the course are July 17 – July 31, 2016, Summer I. Students on any of the four GCTS campuses are welcome to apply. Interested GCTS students should submit their applications no later than April 15, 2016. Earlier applications are encouraged. Links to applications, reference forms and required travel forms appear below.

The course is also open to non-Gordon-Conwell students interested in taking the course for credit or as an audit. This includes GCTS friends and alumni, and students from other seminaries, including students from all 10-member seminaries of the Boston Theological Institute (BTI). Links to alumni and friends application and reference forms are found below.

*There could be minor adjustments to the course fee at bit closer to departure. The fee does, however, represent the actual cost per person for airline tickets (from an East Coast gateway city), on-the-ground transport, accommodations and food, with no built-in profit for the SeminaryPlease note tuition, student services fees, and audit fees are not included in this amount and will be billed separately.

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