Exploring International Development in Thailand

Global Education Course in Thailand
New Date: January 4 — 25, 2023
WM-662 “NGOs and Development in Mission”
Professor: Dr. Todd Johnson
Course Fee: $3,600*

Experience the rich and varied models of international development first-hand. This course seeks to augment biblical, theological, and historical foundations with real-world immersion in a variety of international development settings. It also reflects on the role of globalization in the spread of the gospel.

The global trend toward integration of development and missions has spawned a broad range of NGO (non-governmental agencies) models. This course offers a unique opportunity for those planning to work overseas in missions or in leadership positions with global development agencies.

WM-662 will be taught in Chiang Mai, Thailand, a city with over 400 active NGO’s engaging a host of human problems. If conditions are favorable, a visit to the Burmese border and to Chiang Rai will be included. Accommodations will clean, safe, and modest.

The group will visit more than a dozen NGO’s to interact with staff and observe their work and ministries.  These will include programs such as Adventist Development and Relief Agency (providing basic education and job training), Wildflower Home (supporting single mothers during abuse, death or incarceration of a spouse), Agape House, (supporting abandoned HIV infants and children), Hope Home (serving families whose children have physical or intellectual disabilities), Free Burma Rangers,  (emergency care for human rights victims from Burma), Community Partners International (providing health care and education for refugees on the Thai-Burma border), SOLD Project (serving victims of trafficking), Fair Earth Farms (healing degraded ecosystems through sustainable agriculture), and Child’s Dream (empowering marginalized immigrant children). Site visits are selected based on their modeling of best practice, their effectiveness and on the extent to which their program models provide interesting contrast with each other.

Interspersed with lectures on development and visits to NGO sites, will be opportunities to worship in local churches and enjoy local Thai culture including a Thai Culture Dinner, riding elephants at a local elephant camp, and visits to the Queen’s Gardens and a local market.

The course is also open to non-Gordon-Conwell students interested in taking the course for credit or as an audit. This includes GCTS friends and alumni, and students from other seminaries, including students from all 10-member seminaries of the Boston Theological Institute (BTI). Links to alumni and friends application and reference forms are found below.

Inclusive dates for the course are January 4-25, 2023. Students on any of the four GCTS campuses are welcome to apply.  Interested GCTS students should submit their applications no later than May 1, 2022. Earlier applications are encouraged. Links to applications, reference forms and required travel forms appear below.

*There may be minor adjustments to the course fee closer to departure. The fee does, however, represent the actual cost per person for airline tickets (from an East Coast gateway city), on-the-ground transportation, accommodations and food, with no built-in profit for the Seminary. Please note tuition, student services fees, and audit fees are not included in this amount and will be billed separately.

Apply Online

The application will soon be available for matriculated students, alumni and friends of the Seminary.