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Global Education at Gordon-Conwell

Gordon-Conwell offers global education courses designed to meet requirements for a range of degree programs. Over the next several years, these courses will be offered in all three divisions: Biblical Studies, Christian Thought and Ministry of the Church.

Globalized Seminary curriculum enables students to:

  • Cultivate a global lens for future teaching, preaching and ministry.
  • Discover new global needs and opportunities for mission and service.
  • Strengthen their cultural knowledge, sensitivities and competence.
  • Develop a stronger appreciation for the Global Church.
  • Solidify their identity as World Christians.

Gordon-Conwell Alumni Participation:
Matriculated students are given first priority for Global Education Courses. If spaces remain available by June 1 of the academic year prior, alumni applicants will be reviewed and notified of their acceptance. Click here to view Global Education Courses available to alumni and friends.