Hispanic Ministries Program FAQ

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Meet Gordon-Conwell

What is Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary?
Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (Gordon-Conwell) is one of the largest theological schools in the United States. It is the result of the union in 1969 of two seminaries: Gordon, established in 1888, and Conwell, founded in 1889. It is a Protestant seminary of Evangelical tradition. Its motto is: “Think theologically, act globally, and live biblically.”

You can explore more of our history here.

Are these studies accredited?
Gordon-Conwell is accredited by two recognized institutions: The Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada (www.ats.edu) and the New England Commission of Higher Education.

You can explore our accreditation more here.

What is the Hispanic Ministries Program?
The Hispanic Ministry Program (known by its acronym HMP) is a seminary initiative “To provide the highest quality theological education to some of the most under-served populations, as close to their communities as possible.”
Who teaches the Hispanic Ministries Program?
Pablo A. Jiménez, M.Div., S.T.M.., is the Associate Dean of the Hispanic Ministry Program at Gordon-Conwell. He works with a dedicated staff, who administrate the program, and a team of over 50 instructors, who teach the classes.

HMP instructors are composed of men and women who have a clear commitment to Christ, have advanced academic degrees and have experience as pastoral agents or as leaders in their respective churches. Anyone who teaches for the program must affirm the value and authority of the Bible, as a rule of faith and conduct.

How many students do you have?
There are approximately 1700 students enrolled throughout Gordon-Conwell: about 125 students specifically pursuing their MACL and Diploma through the Hispanic Ministries Program.

Explore Study Options

What study programs does HMP offer?
The HMP offers a Master of Arts in Christian Leadership (known by its acronym in English as MACL). This 60 credit degree program requires 20 classes, each student chooses their own pace of studies, taking classes while also keeping up with life.

We also have a Diploma Program. Successful completion of the HMP diploma, with a 2.5 GPA, enables ministers to then apply for transfer into the MACL. Then you will only need 14 courses to complete the MACL.

I already have a master’s degree. Can I earn the MACL as a second degree?
If you already have a master’s degree in theology, either from another institution or from Gordon-Conwell, you can take the MACL as a second master’s degree, completing 30 credits of study.

The courses to be taken will be determined based on an audit of the courses you have already studied during the admissions process.

I started studies at another school but want to switch. Can I transfer courses?
If you took master’s level courses at another theological institution accredited by the ATS, we can possibly validate up to half of the credits required for the degree.

We cannot validate courses in non-theological areas, such as administration, psychology or education, among others.

What languages can I study in? Are there also English classes?
Both Spanish and English language classes are available through the HMP; you can take the courses you need in either of the two languages.

If the course Instructor is bilingual, you may submit class work in either of the two languages.

Is the degree online? Where are classes offered?
Our flexible MACL format enables ministry leaders to study  without having to relocate or stop ministry.

Up to half the degree can be done online. Every year HMP offers courses both in video and in-person format so that a student can participate video stream the real-time class or in-person. Video courses require a strong internet connection.

Half of the degree is studied in person, either at a city around the world or at a campus center. Spanish-speaking city centers include Orlando; Miami; Lima; Santo Domingo; and Tegucigalpa. Cities also include English speaking centers like Englewood; Miami; Calgary; London; Naussau; and Mandeville.

The seminary has four campuses along the eastern seaboard: in Boston, MA; Charlotte, NC; Jacksonville, FL; and South Hamilton, MA. Four of the in-person classes are done on-campus.

Are scholarships available?
Once a person is accepted as an HMP student, whether at the Diploma or Master’s level, he or she enjoys an automatic scholarship of approximately 70% of the original cost of the courses.
After completing the MACL, what else can I study at Gordon-Conwell?
The seminary allows graduates to return to earn a second master’s degree. This may be the Master of Divinity or another Master of Arts.

The seminary also offers a Doctor of Ministry degree, in several languages and different areas of ministry focus. Many HMP graduates have continued on to earn their Doctor of Ministry.


Can I apply before I complete my undergraduate degree?
Yes! If you are applying to the Masters of Arts in Christian Leadership, you can apply before you graduate. Please send us an unofficial copy of your transcript(s). We will review your file pending receipt of your final transcript after graduation. No student may register into the MACL unless a final transcript was received.
Can I study as an international student?
Students must obtain the appropriate immigration status in order to take class and return home between class times to provide leadership in ministry.international student webpage.

Our  international students represent over 20 countries including the UK, Canada, Jamaica, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic.

Register for a Course

When can I register for class?
You are able to submit course registration forms as soon as the admission process ends, sign the acceptance letter and return it to our office.

Registration forms are due one month before each class begins. Late forms are subject to an improper registration fee.

View our current course schedules and tuition rates.

I am a student in another Gordon-Conwell degree program, can I take Hispanic Ministries classes?
Yes! Any accepted Gordon-Conwell student can register into any Hispanic Ministries class.

All tuition rates and fees are contingent upon the program in which the student is already accepted. For example, a Charlotte student would pay the tuition charged by the Charlotte campus for a normal class.

As a Hispanic Ministries student, can I take other Gordon-Conwell courses?
Once you enroll as a Gordon-Conwell student, you can take any course offered by our institution, in any format and in any venue.

For example, a student may find that they also want to study with an online class through Semlink. Or a student may wish to study languages, and enroll in an intensive Summer courses offered at our venues.

How are courses paid for? What is the billing process?
Each student is billed per course. After each course is registered, you have until the end of the semester to pay. You can always register for another class if you have less than $100 owing to the seminary.

The Student Accounts office provides several payment options;cash, money order, or credit card. There is a modest charge for using the card. For international students, it is easy to use the services of flywire.com to submit payment.

You can contact the Student Accounts office at [email protected] or 978-646-4011.

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