Portuguese Cohort

Certificado de Graduação em Estudos Cristãos

Course Term Instructor Format
CT 500 – Introdução aos Estudos Teológicos Fall 2022 Ruy Costa Digital
OT 500 – Panorama do Velho Testamento Fall 2022 Luis Sayao Digital Live
NT 501 – Panorama do Novo Testamento TBD Digital Live
OT/NT 517 – Interpretação Bíblica Luis Sayao Digital Live
TH 501 – Pesquisa Teológica I Ricardo Gouvea Digital Live
TH 502 – Pesquisa Teológica II Ricardo Gouvea Digital Live
SF 501 – Formação Espiritual para o Ministério Ruy Costa Digital Live

Spanish Cohort

Certificado de Posgrado en

Estudios Cristianos

Course Term Instructor Format
CT 500 – Introducción a los Estudios Teológicos Fall 2022 Digital
OT 500 – Panorama del OT Fall 2022 Seong Park Digital Live
NT 501 – Panorama del NT Awilda Gonzalez-Babb Digital Live
OT/NT 517 – Interpretación Bíblic Awilda Gonzalez-Babb Digital Live
TH 501 – Panorama de la Teología I Estrada-Adorno Digital Live
TH 502 – Panorama de la Teología II Estrada-Adorno Digital Live
SF 501 – Formación Espiritual Seong Park Digital Live

In May 2015, I embarked on a journey not certain of the destination. To those who inquired, the answer given was that this young, immigrant, Pentecostal woman felt deeply that there needed to be some sort of scholarly context to the ministry she had just said yes to.

I now feel spurred on to further studies and, after some time of reluctance or resistance, to answer the call to pastor those He has assigned to me. Thanks to Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, the Latin and Global Studies program, the diverse group of professors I had the opportunity to encounter, and my village I have no regrets for the yes that brought me to this point, and to many points ahead.

— C. Heron, Graduating Spring 2021