Dr. David A. Currie, Vice President of Cohort-Based Education; Dean of the Doctor of Ministry Program

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Alvin Padilla, Dean for Latino & Global Ministries

978-646-4142 | [email protected]

Seong Park, Associate Dean for Cohort-Based Education & Research

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Bridget Erickson, Executive Director of Operations

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Dottie Guild, Expense & Travel Coordinator

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Ivette García, Assistant Director of Admissions

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Doctor of Ministry Program
1-800-816-1837 |[email protected]

Latino & Global Ministries Program
1-800-816-1837 | [email protected]

Student Services

Barbara Rodrigues, Registration Coordinator, Latino & Global Ministries Program

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Student Financial Services

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Technology Services 
Contact Technology Services with questions about username/password, student portal access issues, and your access issues.