Meet the Admissions Team

Hamilton Campus

Sarah Sotelo
Director of Admissions

Hometown: Granby, CT
Undergrad: Gordon College, Wenham, MA
What were you doing before you came to GCTS? I was the Director of Communications for The Center for Student Missions – an urban mission organization.
What is one of your favorite things about living in New England? The beauty of each season – going to the beach in the summer, apple picking in the fall, sledding in the winter and enjoying the flowers of spring.
Hobbies/Interests? Spending time with my family, speaking Spanish, drinking fair trade coffee, exploring new places, finding the best tacos possible (fun fact: New England has some amazing, authentic Mexican food!) and working with my church in serving our immigrant neighbors through a ministry called Open Door Immigration Services.
Why Gordon-Conwell? Being a part of such a historically rich, diverse faith community is truly an honor. I am excited to help connect individuals with their calling for the Kingdom through a Gordon-Conwell seminary education.

Contact: [email protected]

Brian Diehl
Alumni Engagement Officer

Hometown: Covington, WA
Undergrad: University of the Nations (Cape Town, South Africa)
Degree: Master of Divinity (May 2018)
What were you doing before you came to GCTS? I was working with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in Cape Town, teaching in their 9-month inductive Bible study program: the School of Biblical Studies. I have been working with YWAM in at least some capacity since 2008.
Favorite classes: The Promise of Zion (combined prophets and poetry OT course) & History and Archaeology of the Ancient Near East with Dr. Tom Petter;  Exegesis of Mark with Dr. de Campos.
What is one of your favorite things about living in New England? I love the rampant history no matter where you go. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, anything over a hundred years old was very old, where here that is still seen as being pretty recent.
Hobbies/Interests: The comprehensive works of J.R.R. Tolkien, ancient mythologies, patristic theology, cooking, hiking and camping, spending time with my kids.
Why Gordon Conwell? The rich combination of denominations and church traditions, international students, and the deep commitment to biblical studies was a huge draw for myself and my wife (MACO, ’17). We were also drawn to the seminary by the warm relationship that has been developed between YWAM’s School of Biblical Studies (SBS) and GCTS.

Contact: [email protected]

Katy Reigart
Admissions Support Specialist

Hometown: Decatur, GA
Undergrad: Gordon College, Wenham, MA
Degree: Master of Arts (Theology) (October 2015)
What were you doing before you came to GCTS? I was working in a local office while serving as a YoungLife leader in Hamilton, MA.
Favorite classes: Hebrew I and II with Dr. Donna Petter
What is one of your favorite things about living in New England? I love the people and the landscape. New England ties run deep, and the people are authentic in their interactions and commitments to their communities. And the beauty of the New England scenery still amazes me after fifteen years here!
Hobbies/Interests: Spending quality time with friends and going on adventures! I love exploring new places, experiencing and talking about music and art, and baking and reading. I also love directing and working with the kids in the Children’s Ministry at my church in Haverhill.
Why Gordon Conwell? The community at Gordon-Conwell shaped my understanding of what I was learning in the classroom in profound ways. The breadth of knowledge available was exciting, as I learned more about the richness of the Word and the history of the global church than I could have even imagined. I grew more spiritually and emotionally in my two years at Gordon-Conwell than at any other point in my life, and I look forward to helping others find their own meaningful experiences in the community and in the classroom.

Contact: [email protected]

Jordan Yeo
Admissions Representative

Hometown: I’m a TCK (third culture kid) with many homes around the world.
Undergrad: Covenant College, Lookout Mountain, GA
Degree: Master of Divinity (May 2020)
What were you doing before you came to GCTS? Working for The Bowery Mission in New York, NY.
Favorite classes: Exegesis in Judges with Dr. Gordon P. Hugenberger
What is one of your favorite things about living in New England? The richness and complexities of the history.
Hobbies/Interests: Reading, music, film criticism, following the New York Mets.
Why Gordon Conwell? Being part of a multi-denominational seminary helped challenge and sharpen my theological convictions. I also loved studying in New England and the Boston area – take advantage of $9 student tickets to the Red Sox!

Contact: [email protected]

Chris Coble
Admissions Student Worker

Hometown: Melbourne, FL
Undergrad: Elon University, NC
Degree: Master of Divinity
What were you doing before you came to GCTS? Church planting in London with a mission’s organization called Serge.
Favorite class so far: Hands down, Evangelism and Discipleship in the Local Church with Jim Singleton.
Hobbies/Interests: I have a long history and love for rock climbing, a new passion for frisbee golf, a developing competency for speed chess, and an insatiable desire for adventure.
Why Gordon-Conwell? After visiting six seminaries, I knew I wanted to study at Gordon-Conwell. I was attracted to the multi-denominational community that took their studies seriously, but not themselves. I have found this community to be international, diverse, rich in faith traditions, and deeply concerned with missions both locally and abroad.

Contact: [email protected]

Courtney Vereide
Admissions Student Worker

Hometown: Vienna, VA
Undergrad: Elon University (Elon, NC)
Degree: Master of Divinity
What were you doing before you came to GCTS? Working full-time in Middle & High School Ministry at a Presbyterian Church
Favorite classes: “Women and the Church” with Dr. Kirsten Sanders
What is one of your favorite things about living in New England? Having spent most of my time in the South, I was very hesitant about coming to the frigid Northeast. However, I have LOVED living up here. The summer, spring, and fall make the winter so worth enduring! Even more so, God is moving in New England — tilling the rocky soil and stirring up a revival. It is a joy to witness God’s work in this region!
Hobbies/Interests: Friendship, podcasts, long walks, reading, Trader Joe’s, the Enneagram, baking, beach bonfires, teaching, Downton Abbey, singing, theology, and fun facts.
Why Gordon Conwell? I could write an essay about this topic, but I’ll limit it to three reasons! First, Gordon-Conwell integrates intellectual rigor, spiritual formation, and a high view of Scripture. One day, when I was distressed over a low grade on a Hebrew quiz, I went to speak with my professor. She pastorally listened to my concerns, spoke truth to me about my identity outside of my academic performance, gave me study tips, told me that she drops the lowest quiz grade (whew!), and she prayed for me. This encounter encapsulates the GCTS difference. She cared for me spiritually, encouraged me personally, and edified me academically. Second, as a woman training for ministry, I wanted to find a school that would enthusiastically train women for all types of ministry – I found that in Gordon-Conwell! Third, GCTS has an environment that fosters conversation between students with different denominational persuasions, yet all united over love for Christ.

Contact: [email protected]

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