Online Registration

Who can register online?

Active residential students can register online during open registration periods.

Students with holds on their accounts will need to resolve any outstanding issues prior to registering.


Which courses can be registered online?

Online registration can be used to add, drop, or withdraw from classroom and Semlink+ courses. 

Courses that require signatures (e.g., directed studies, theses, and CTC courses) need to be initially registered using the appropriate forms, but may be dropped online.

To register for a BTI course, visit the BTI website to register.

Clinical Pastoral Education courses also need to be added using a paper form.

Courses at a campus other than your own may be registered online once that campus opens up registration for its students.  To view those courses, you will need to change the campus selection in the filter.

Courses to be audited must be registered using a form, whether an official or a courtesy audit.


How does one go about registering online?

To register online, log into the CAMS Student Portal using the link in the banner at the top of this page.  Then, select the term for which registration is desired and click the "Registration" link.


How does one avoid common errors?

Here are three simple pieces of advice to keep astute registrants clear of common problems:

  1. Pop-up blockers must be disabled within the Student Portal, or Registration will not function.
  2. As previously stated in both a paragraph and a big blue arrow, the term must be selected prior to initiating Registration.
  3. Use of the browser's "Back" button is to be avoided, or the Registration session may be cancelled.

Additionally, please bear in mind that courses with three department codes (e.g., NT/OT/TH910) will be abbreviated within the Student Portal. The abbreviations are listed within the semester's schedule:


And if one should happen to need more detailed information?

Making Schedule Changes

Using the Online Registration Filter

Waitlist Information and Policy


And, then, what if one has a question, or runs into some problem, or is involved in a unique situation that it would be helpful to talk to a person about?

If the problem is of a technical nature (e.g., trouble logging into the Student Portal, a consistently self-cancelling registration session, etc.), please contact Gordon-Conwell's IT Servicedesk:

If the question is related to registration policy, the validity of a student hold, or the availability of online registration, please contact your friendly home-campus Registration Office:




704-527-9909 (ext. 5827)

Boston (CUME)



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