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Spring 2015 Course Syllabi

Below you will find syllabi that have been submitted to the Registration Office for Spring 2015. Syllabi are posted as professors submit them to the Registration Office. To acquire a syllabus that is not listed here you must contact the professor directly.

Some syllabi may change after being submitted to the Registration Office.  For any changes that may have occurred you must contact your professor directly.

The following syllabi are in PDF format and require the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.


Course Number Course Name Prof.
GL502 -HA Basic Greek II Keazirian
CH/WM603 -HA History of Missions Yao
NT630 -HA Exegesis of Philippians Keazirian
OL502 -HA Hebrew II Pratico
OT511 -HA Interpreting the Old Testament Petter, T.
AP/WM647 -HA Introduction to Islam Martindale
EV701 -HA Evangelism & Discipleship through the Local Church Singleton
NT577 -HA Biblical Theology: New Testament Focus  McDonough
NT619 -HA Exegesis of Acts Spencer, A.
OL502 -HB Hebrew II Petter, D.
OT770 -HA Old Testament Poetical Books Petter, T.
MC701 -HA Pastoral Ministry Singleton
NT/OT/TH910 -HA Theological Hermeneutics McDonough
CH/TH656 -HA The Life and Theology of Dietrich Bonhoeffer Isaac
NT502 -HA Interpreting the New Testament Jennings
CH812 -HA Historiography Rosell
CO710 -HA Psychopathology Polischuk
MC/SF501 -HA Spiritual Formation for Ministry Kang
NT649 -HA Exegesis of Revelation McDonough
PR602 -HA Preaching for Modern Listeners Arthurs
TH605 -HA Systematic Theology II Smith
CO801A -HA Integrative Seminar (1.5 credit hours) Pendleton
ET655 -HA Ethical Theory Smith
CO699 -HA Research Methods and Design Mason
OT627 -HA Exegesis in Exodus Petter, D.
CO/MC/SF642 -HA Ministering to Women in Pain Mason
CO732 -HA Psychological Testing - Personality Evaluation Mason
CO614 -HA Family Systems Theory Pendleton
TH502 -HA Theology Survey II Quay 
NT920 -HA Exegesis of Romans Schnabel
OT511 -HB Interpreting the Old Testament Niehaus
OT750 -HA Old Testament Prophetical Books Petter, T.
PR601 -HA Preaching: Principles & Practices Kim
PR721 -HA Narrative Preaching Arthurs
CH502 -HA The Church since the Reformation Isaac
CH/SF623 -HA Spiritual Awakenings: Great Revivals from Edwards to Graham Rosell
CH/MC/TH664 -HA The History and Theology of Worship Price
CO/WM712 -HA Cross-Cultural Counseling Polischuk
EV701 -HB Evangelism & Discipleship through the Local Church Singleton
OL912 -HA Aramaic Stuart
PR601 -HB Preaching: Principles & Practices Gibson
PR735 -HA Great Preachers Seminar Kim
TH504 -HA Systematic Theology I Davis
NT617 -HA Gospel of John Witmer
TH613 -HA Christology: Historical Development and Contemporary Perspectives Heacock Sanders
WM726-HA Ministry to Folk Muslims Martindale
CO611 -HA Theories of Personality Polischuk
OT975 -HA Methods and Developments in Old Testament Study Stuart
PR602 -HB Preaching for Modern Listeners Kim
PR905 -HA Preachers & Preaching: Homiletical Theories & Methods Gibson
TH607 -HA Systematic Theology III Davis
NT501 -HA New Testament Survey Jennings
GL502 -HB Basic Greek II Lowther
OL501 -HA Hebrew I Walton
TH/WM602 -HA Theology of Mission Kuzmic

PR926B -HA

The Preacher and the Message - Part II (1.5 credits) Gibson
ET681 -HA Issues in Sexual Ethics and Bioethics Hollinger
NT502 -HC Interpreting the New Testament Spencer, A.
OT511 -HC Interpreting the Old Testament Park
SE735 -HA Biblical Global Justice Borgman
AP/WM649 -HA Introduction to Hinduism & Buddhism Yao
NT501 -HB New Testament Survey Palmer
NT502 -HB Interpreting the New Testament Ciampa
TH/WM626 -HA Evangelical Perspectives on Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy Kuzmic
WM720 -HA Overseas Missions Practicum Orientation Martindale