All auditors are restricted to non-participating member status in classes. In other words, auditors may not participate in class discussion (except as authorized by the instructor according to the terms included in the course syllabus), nor submit written work, nor sit for exams for the purpose of receiving an evaluation. Limited courses (those with a maximum number of students) are not available to auditors except by written permission from the professor and the Registration Office. Some courses may not be audited. Please contact the Registration Office at for more details.

Ways to Audit

  Official Audit Courtesy Audit
What Official audits will be recorded on transcripts. Students must attend at least 75% of the class meetings in order to receive a grade of `AU' on their transcripts indicating that they satisfactorily audited the course. Auditors will be responsible for verifying their attendance by submitting a written statement to the professor stating that they did attend at least 75% of the class meetings. Official auditors have access to online material in CAMS and Sakai as well as library privileges. Courtesy audits are not recorded on transcripts and have no specific requirements.  Courtesy auditors do not have access to online course material.
Who Official audits are available to current students and to those who apply and are accepted for official auditor status at GCTS. Courtesy audits are available to current students, alumni, GCTS faculty and staff, spouses of any of the aforementioned, to local pastors and to residents of Hamilton or Wenham.

Audit fee: $150 per course
Student Services Fee: $175 in fall and spring (or $100 per summer term)

Total (for most terms): $325

No charge
Application Requirements
  • A full online application, including a statement about which courses you wish to audit, why, and how you will benefit from them
  • A pastoral recommendation
  • Application fee waived (Contact the Admissions office for an application fee waiver code.)
No application is required.  Those eligible to courtesy audit may register here.