Latino & Global Ministries


The Hispanic Ministries Program through Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary exists to equip Hispanic church leaders with an affordable, quality theological education. This program prepares these leaders to better serve their congregations and fulfill the Great Commission by offering classes designed with a full-time minister’s schedule in mind as close to their community as possible.


Application Fee $50
Cost Per Course $699
Cost to Audit a Course $150

Scholarship: Each HMP course includes an automatic scholarship, reflecting a significant savings from regular tuition. No further Gordon-Conwell funding is provided to HMP students.

Student are billed per course: After each course is registered, you have until the end of the semester to pay. You can always register for another class if you have less than $100 owing to the seminary.

You can contact Student Accounts: at [email protected] or 978-646-4011. The Student Accounts office provides several payment options; cash, money order, or credit card. There is a modest charge for using the card. For international students, it is easy to use the services of to submit payment.

Payments: To avoid additional costs due to late payments, all accounts must be paid by the deadline indicated in each semester. Students are responsible for information regarding all payment deadlines published on the website and / or announced during the school year. For those students who maintain a positive payment history, a deferred payment rate program will be allowed.

Legal Notice: The seminar reserves the right to make further adjustments to enrollments and expenses. No adjustments are anticipated for the 2019/2020 academic year.

Escala de Tarifas

Escala de Tarifas para el Programa

Gasto por Aplicación $50
Costo por Curso $699
Costo para Auditar un Curso $150

Beca: Cada curso de HMP incluye una beca automática, lo que refleja un ahorro significativo de la matrícula regular. No se proporcionan más fondos de Gordon-Conwell a los estudiantes de HMP.

Pagos: Para evitar costos adicionales por atraso de pagos, todas cuentas deberán de ser saldadas a la fecha límite indicada en cada semestre. Los estudiantes son responsables de informarse respecto a todas las fechas límite de pago publicadas en la página web y/o anunciadas durante el año escolar. Para aquellos estudiantes que mantengan una historia de pagos positiva, se le será permitido un programa de tasa de pago diferido.

Excepciones: El seminario se reserva el derecho de realizar posteriores ajustes de las matrículas y gastos. No se anticipan ajustes adicionales para el año académico 2019/2020.

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