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Please Note/Atencion:

  • Students (except those newly admitted) are required to register no later than six weeks prior to the first day of class. Registrations done after this time may incur a $50 late registration fee. Courses with enrollment of less than 15 students one month prior to the first day of class may be cancelled.
  • Todo estudiante (excepto los de nuevo ingreso) necesitan registrarse a más tardar seis semanas antes del primer día de clase.  Inscripciones que se reciben después de ese día pueden recibir una una multa de inscripción tardía de $50. Clases con matrícula de menos de 15 estudiantes un mes antes del primer día de clase pueden ser canceladas.

All dates on the schedule below are tentative. 

Summer/Verano 2018+

Location Course Date Meeting Hours Lang. Course Number Course Name Instructor Reg. Deadline
Bahamas May  21-26 Mon-Thu: 6PM-10PM / Fri-Sat: 8AM-5pm English CH501 PA Church to Reformation A. Jones Apr. 9
Mazatlán, Mexico  Jul. 23-26

Lun-Juev: 8:30AM-5:30PM

Español OT500 PA

Panorama del Antiguo Testamento

E. Sanchez Jun. 11
Mazatlán, Mexico  Jul. 27-28, 30-31 Fri-Sat/Mon-Tue: 8:30AM-5:30PM Español NT/OT517 PA Interpretación Biblica E. Sanchez Jun. 11
GCTS: Charlotte, Campus Jul. 24-27 Tue-Fri: 9AM-4:30PM Español MC601 PA Historia & Teologia de IDDP E Rodriguez Jun. 11
Englewood, NJ May 24-27 Thu: 5pm- 9:30pm/            Fri-Sat: 9AM-9PM/             Sun: 9AM- 3:30PM English NT513 PA The Book of Mark in Depth M. de Campos Apr. 9
Englewood, NJ Ago. 23-26 Thu: 5pm- 9:30pm/            Fri-Sat: 9AM-9PM/             Sun: 9AM- 3:30PM English NT/OT517 PA Biblical Interpretation Q. Day Jul. 9
Kirkland, WA Jun. 7-10 Thu-Sat: 8:30AM-6PM/ Sun: 8:30AM-1PM English MC601 PA History & Theology of COGOP W. Pratt Apr. 23

Fall/Otoño 2018+

Location Course Date Meeting Hours Lang. Course Number Course Name Instructor Reg. Deadline
Video Conferencia

Lunes (7PM-9PM EST): Sept. 10 y 17/ Oct. 1,8, 15, 22 y 29/ Nov. 5, 19 y 26 

Mier. (6PM-7PM EST): Sept. 12 y 19/ Oct. 3 y 24/ Nov. 7

Español CL503 PA Fundamentos Biblicos de Liderazgo P. Jimenez Ago. 6
Video Conference

Mon (1PM-3PM EST): Sept. 10, 17 & 24/ Oct. 1, 15, 22 & 29/ Nov. 5/ Dec. 3 & 10 

Fri. (1PM-2PM EST): Sept. 21 y 28/ Oct. 19/ Nov. 9/ Dec. 14

English CH501 PA

Church to the Reformation

JC Morales Aug. 6
Nassau, Bahamas Nov. 12-17 Mon-Thu: 6PM-10PM / Fri-Sat: 8AM-5PM, English OT500 PA

Old Testament Survey

C. Kaminski Oct. 1
Tegucigalpa, Honduras Oct. 2-5 Mar-Vier: 9AM-5:30PM Español EM502 PA Ministerio Educativo de la Iglesia D. Escobar-Arcay Ago. 20
Tegucigalpa, Honduras Oct. 6-9 Sab-Mar: 9AM-5:30PM Español OT572 PA El Libro de Salmos a Profundidad E. Sanchez-Cetina Ago. 20

Manchester, Jamaica

Sept. 13-16 Thu-Sun: 8:30AM- 5:30PM English CH501 PB Church to the Reformation A. Jones Jul. 30
Lima,       Peru Oct. 16-19 Mar-Vier: 9AM-5:30PM Español OT500 PB Panorama del Antiguo Testamento E. Sanchez-Cetina Sep. 3
Lima,       Peru Oct. 20-23 Sab-Mar: 9AM-5:30PM Español TH501 PA Panorama de la Teologia I J. Martinez Sep. 3
United Kingdom Sept. 27-30

Thu:10AM-6PM/ Fri-Sat: 8:30AM- 6:30PM/ Sun: 9AM-12PM


AP602 PA

Cultural Apologetics R. Lints Aug. 13
Miami, FL Sept. 11-15 Tue-Thu: 6PM-10PM/ Fri-Sat: 9AM-7PM  English EM502 PB Educational Ministry of the Church D. Escobar-Arcay Jul. 23
Orlando, FL Nov. 12-17 Lun-Vier: 6PM-10PM/ Sab: 8:30AM-5:30PM Español TH731 Seminario en Pneumatologia: Persona y Obra del Espiritu Santo W. Estrada Oct. 1
Englewood, NJ Oct. 25-29 Thu: 5PM- 9:30PM/ Fri-Sat: 9AM-9PM/ Sun: 9AM-3:30PM English OT558 PA I & II Samuel in Depth J.Critchlow Sept. 10
Salt Lake City, UT Sept. 13-16 Thu-Sat: 8:30AM-6PM/ Sun: 8:30AM-1PM English CL/NT/OT 574 PA Biblical Theology of Leadership J. Solis-Walker Jul. 30


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