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Application Procedures

Applications are accepted no earlier than one year in advance of the expected date of matriculation and must be completed at least one month prior to the beginning of the term for which admission is sought. Please note that the deadline for financial aid application is different from the application for admission deadline (see Financial Aid for details). Applications will be considered for action when the following items have been received:

  1. Jacksonville application form (.pdf) or Online Application
  2. Three written recommendations forms (choose either format below):
  1. Church Endorsement (optional)
  2. Official transcripts sent directly from all colleges and other institutions of higher education attended.
  3. Application filing fee of $50 (U.S.).
    Mail to:

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
Office of Admission

7235 Bonneval Rd.
Jacksonville, FL 32256

Official Transcript
Prior to a student’s first registration at Gordon-Conwell, an official copy of the final transcript showing college degree and date issued must be on file in the admissions office. Copies issued to the student do not constitute an “official transcript.” No student may register unless an official transcript has been received.

Application Deadline
The normal deadline for submitting an application is August 1 for fall matriculation and January 1 for spring matriculation. Persons who decide to apply after those dates must call the admissions office to ascertain whether applications are still being accepted.

An orientation program for new students is scheduled for the beginning of fall semester and the beginning of spring semester. The orientation program includes a basic introduction to the spiritual, academic, social and pastoral dimensions of the seminary program. Spouses are encouraged to attend any of the discussion sessions. 

The basic academic prerequisite for admission to Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary is graduation from an accredited college or university.

There is no single undergraduate curriculum or field of concentration that best prepares a college student for graduate theological study.

There are, however, certain areas of undergraduate preparation that are highly desirable and advantageous to the applicant in terms of preparation. Any applicant would do well to take course work in as many of the following subjects as possible: communication; ancient and modern history; biblical and modern languages (Greek, Hebrew, German, etc.); literature and composition; philosophy; psychology; religion; sociology. Where areas of concentration are required, the humanities and social sciences are regarded as the most desirable. A strong emphasis on communication skills, when such studies are offered, is most helpful. Finally, any student will benefit immeasurably from a sound knowledge of the content of the Scriptures. A healthy devotional life and experience in service to others are likewise very important.

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