Why Study at Gordon-Conwell — Jacksonville?

Achieve a globally-recognized theological education while maintaining a work-life balance

Many working professionals want to get a theological education, but their schedules hold them back. They desire a live, interactive experience, but there is no way for them to attend classes at normal school hours during the week. They want to learn and grow, but they are not interested in impractical and lengthy academic exams and assignments.

At Gordon-Conwell — Jacksonville we have created an educational approach that combines the best of the traditional academic experience, with the real world needs of the average working professional and/or pastor interested in a deeper theological education.

Academically Rigorous and Globally Recognized Degree Programs

The Jacksonville branch of Gordon Conwell is a globally recognized, fully ATS-accredited, academic institution offering three highly-respected degrees:

  • The Master of Divinity
  • The Master of Arts (Christian Thought)
  • The Master of Arts in Christian Leadership

Flexible Schedules with the Working Professional in Mind

The Jacksonville campus offers a flexible educational format that fits around your schedule. Classes are offered on weekends, evenings and in one-week intensives. For instance, students can earn a complete Master of Divinity (M.Div.) degree entirely through weekend classes.

Plenty of time is given for the completion of readings and assignments and course instructors are willing to work with your personal schedule to ensure the best learning experience.

Live Interactive Experiences with Seasoned Leaders and Scholars

The format of our courses emphasize both hands-on training and in-class learning. We have created an interactive in-person experience that gives the student face to face time with their instructors and peers.

Finally, our flexible format allow us to fly in some the most seasoned leaders and scholars of the Christian faith, including:

Affordable Tuition Options, plus Scholarships and Grants

The Jacksonville campus offers several scholarships and grants to enable students to complete their education with as little financial burden as possible. For full-time students, we also offer a Cohort Tuition Package which significantly reduces the annual costs for those students taking a full class load.

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