BibleWorks is the premier original languages Bible software program for exegesis and research. It comes with Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic texts, as well as translations in English, German, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, and more!

BibleWorks 9.0 is now installed on library computers.

Tutorials & Resources Created by Gordon-Conwell Library Staff:

  • BibleWorks Tutorial (PDF) - Gives basic instructions for searching in Greek texts using BibleWorks 9. While written specifically for BibleWorks 9, the searching instructions will work for most other versions of BibleWorks as well.
  • BibleWorks Shortcuts and Command Line Searches (PDF) - This is a two-page list of most search functions in BibleWorks.
  • No Crutch (PDF) - Learn how to limit parsing and lexical information displayed in BibleWorks in order to keep your vocabulary skills sharp. (Feature only available in version 8 and later.)

The BibleWorks Blog

The "Unofficial" BibleWorks Blog is a collection of user-created files and resources for BibleWorks. There are dozens of Bible versions and ancient text files that can be fully integrated into the program - for free. The blog regularly reviews program features and modules. It also hosts a number of user-created tutorials.

BibleWorks Wiki Site (Created by Luther Seminary)

Official BibleWorks Support