Bruce Jackson Memorial Library Circulation Policies

See also Library Policies Handout.

  1. The Jackson Library is located on the street level or ground floor at the CUME offices on 90 Warren Street in Roxbury, MA. See the directory at the main entrance.
  2. When you register for your classes, the new system will be advised to add your data to the Library Corporation Data Base. Therefore, you will no longer need to fill out patron forms. In order to check out books, you will need to present your Gordon Conwell ID Card. In order to log in to the library computers you will need to know your CAMS or SAKAI log in information. Library Assistants are available to walk you through the procedures.
  3. Guest Card forms can be filled out, if you are not a Gordon-Conwell Student. Courtesy cards can be issued to students/faculty from Boston Theological Institute schools, pastors/church leaders from any church in the Boston Church Directory. Students/faculty from non-theological schools will pay a one- time fee of $20 for a guest card. The general public may pay a one-time fee of $30 for a guest card.
  4. To locate materials in the library, you will need to access the ONLINE CATALOG. The Online Catalog will allow you to search for books, videos, cassettes, DVDs by TITLE, AUTHOR, or SUBJECT. When you find the material you want, look under LOCATION. Materials in the Jackson Library are marked BOSTON under location. You then use the CALL NUMBER to find the book on the shelves. Ask the library assistant for help if you do not know how to use a call number to find a book on the shelf. Library of Congress categories are used to assign call numbers.

    If you have an Internet connection at home you may access the catalog at
  5. The following categories of materials are available in the library:
  • Circulating books have a white label on the spine and a book pocket in the back of the book and may be checked out for 28 days with two renewals.  
  • REFERENCE books have a yellow reference sticker on the spine and can NEVER be checked out. They are called REFERENCE because you only refer to them and use them in the building.
  • RESERVE BOOKS have a yellow sticker on the spine and are in closed stacks accessible only by request at the Circulation Desk. All class textbooks as listed in the course syllabus are RESERVE BOOKS. They may be checked out for three hours and may be renewed twice, if no other students have requested them. They must be returned one half hour before closing. Classes also have three-ring binders full of extra RESERVE MATERIAL. These are also available on request at the Circulation Desk.
  • Many RESERVE books have another copy in CIRCULATION that is marked SEVEN DAY. They are found in Circulation with a yellow 7 day sticker. You may check out only one SEVEN DAY book at a time and SEVEN DAY books CANNOT be RENEWED.
  • Books with the location label PIERCE COLLECTION have spine labels with a blue sticker and are located in the library alcove off the reading room. These books circulate.
  • Books with the location label LIBRARY OFFICE have spine labels with a green sticker are located in the library office and may be checked out or examined by asking a staff member to assist you.
  • VERTICAL FILES located in various places throughout the library keep pamphlet and single sheet or article materials filed by TOPIC. These materials are to be read and/or photocopied (10 cents a page).
  • On the next page is a chart of library materials, and parameters for check out and renewal, as well as fines for overdue materials.
  1. If LOCATION is marked HAMILTON the book may checked out of the Goddard Library on our main campus 30 miles north in South Hamilton, MA. You may request HAMILTON-GODDARD books my emailing them directly at Include: your name, ID number, title, author and call number of the book. A courier comes from Hamilton once a week to deliver the books here in Boston. You may return them to Boston. 
  2. Journals and magazine articles can now be accessed ONLINE. There is a video tutorial which will walk you through the process of using the various DataBases. Ask at the Circulation Desk if you have difficulties and will walk you through the process.
  3. All the computers in the Library computers have Internet access and articles may be printed out at ten cents per page. All the rooms at CUME are hot zones for wireless internet access. The library maintains a three ring notebook of important Internet addresses for theological research and professors may give web site addresses in their syllabi.
  4. Instead of photocopying, you may choose to scan materials into the library photocopier and email them to yourself. See a Library Assistant for help.
  5. Your Gordon-Conwell identification card, with your student bar code on it, will allow you to use other libraries in the Boston Theological Institute. They can be found on the GCTS website under Christian Resources, Other Resources. You will need to go to the respective library to check out materials. You will be expected to follow all library policies for these schools.
  6. The library email is monitored daily, if you have any questions or book requests. The address is posted here: