Building a Biblical Studies Bibliography

If you are working on a sermon or an exegesis paper, you will need to build a bibliography of secondary resources (commentaries, articles, etc.). Here are a few helps for finding passage-specific resources.

Library Catalog

In the library's new online catalog, WorldCat Discovery, you can search for resources written on particular books of the Bible by using the subject field search. Perhaps the easiest way to do this would be to perform a generic search (say, on "Epistle of James") and then look at the "description" of an individual record for the subject headings. If you were to examine M. Kamell's and C. Blomberg's commentary on James in the Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament Series, you would find the subject heading listed "Bible. N.T. James -- Commentaries." You can search on "Bible. N.T. James" (keep the quotes, but omit -- Commentaries.), and you will find all books in our catalog that have been assigned a subject heading on the New Testament Epistle of James. If you are interested in a specific chapter, you can append an appropriate Roman numeral (e.g., "Bible. N.T. James V" would find books specifically about James chapter 5).

ATLA Religion Database

You can search the ATLA Religion Database for articles in journals and essays found in books using the Scripture Index:

Old Testament Abstracts / New Testament Abstracts

While Old Testament Abstracts and New Testament Abstracts do not have the same kind of Scripture Index as the ATLA Religion Database, they can be searched by Scripture using the general subject field. The following video covers this process using the ATLA Religion Database as an example, but the same principles apply to OTA and NTA.

Print Bibliographies

Pay close attention to multiple bibliographies in Ref. Z7770-Z7772; Z7806; Z8455-Z8685.

More to come...

Commentaries and Dictionaries

Commentaries (shelved in Reference section by book of the Bible BS1000-2999; except for Anchor Bible, which is shelved as a set in BS491) See Carson's New Testament Commentary Survey Ref. BS2341.2 .C33 2007; Longman's Old Testament Commentary Survey Ref. Z7772.A1 L64 2013; also and

Word Biblical Commentary, Anchor Bible, and Sacra Pagina provide bibliography specific to each pericope of Scripture.