EBSCOhost Web Guides

Step by step guides for learning how to conduct basic and advances searches, view citations, and save results to custom EBSCOhost folders. 

Recommended guides are listed below however many more guides are available. After clicking the link, help options are available in the side menu.


Choosing Database/s

Select the databases you want to search by database name or by subject area.

Basic Search

Create a search with limiters, expanders, and Boolean operators.

Advanced Search

Search options, tips, and refined searches.

Viewing Results

Result List

Search results can be citations, full text articles, document summaries or abstracts, and can include links to full text.

Reading an Article

When you click the title of an article a detailed record will display. 

Full-text Viewer

The PDF Full Text Viewer allows you to view PDF full text content using a variety of features.

Saving Results

Saving Searches

Set up a personal account that you can use to save searches, retrieve and reuse them, and print them as needed. 

Using the Folder

How to manage and create custom folders. 




Print full-text articles, citations, and descriptions. 


Save articles, citations, descriptions, and result links. 


Email articles, citations, descriptions, and result links.