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B-BD - Philosophy (General); Logic; Speculative Philosophy

B 74 .S84 1998 The Complete Idiot's Guide to Philosophy Stevenson, Jay.
B 105 .O7.R47 2001 Order and Disorder Rich, David Z.
B 121 .W378 1999 The Philosophies of Asia : The Edited Transcripts Watts, Alan.
B 121 .B55 1997 Understanding Eastern Philosophy Billington, Ray.
B 130 .S84 2000 The Complete Idiot's Guide to Eastern Philosophy Stevenson, Jay.
B 365 .A5.G35 1997 Defence of Socrates ; Euthyphro ; Crito Plato.; Gallop, David.
B 765 .T54.M23 1988 Saint Thomas and the Gentiles Adler, Mortimer J.
B 765 .T54.M55 2001 Truth in Aquinas Milbank, John.; Pickstock, Catherine.
B 799 .W34 1999 The Tao of Philosophy : The Edited Transcripts Watts, Alan.
B 809.6 .D46 1997 Deconstruction in a Nutshell : A Conversation With Jacques Derrida Derrida, Jacques.; Caputo, John D.
B 1925 .E5.A78 The Enlightenment in France Artz, Frederick Binkerd.
B 2929 .R38 1999 Hegel's Phenomenology of Self-consciousness : Text and Commentary Rauch, Leo.; Sherman, David; Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich
B 2929 .L38 1993 A Reading of Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit Lauer, Quentin.
B 2949 .E8.W55 1997 Hegel's Ethics of Recognition Williams, Robert R.
B 3279 .H8473.E5 1993 Between Philosophy and Social Science : Selected Early Writings Horkheimer, Max.
BC 108 .N65 1998 Schaum's Outline of Theory and Problems of Logic Nolt, John Eric.; Rohatyn, Dennis A.; Varzi, Achille.
BD 161 .B459 2000 Knowledge and Mind : A Philosophical Introduction Brook, Andrew.; Stainton, Robert.
BD 232 .T24 1998 Tanner Lectures On Human Values. Vol. 19 Peterson, Grethe B.


BF - Psychology

BF 31 .E52 2001 The Corsini Encyclopedia of Psychology and Behavioral Science Craighead, W. Edward.; Nemeroff, Charles B.
BF 31 .O94 1987 The Oxford Companion to the Mind Gregory, R. L.
BF 38 .D675 1991 Explaining Behavior : Reasons in a World of Causes Dretske, Fred I.
BF 38 .O48 1992 Metaphors of Interrelatedness : Toward a Systems Theory of Psychology Olds, Linda E.
BF 38 .K85 1998 The Paradox of Power and Weakness : Levinas and an Alternative Paradigm for Psychology Kunz, George.
BF 38 .M375 1999 The Psychology of Human Possibility and Constraint Martin, Jack.; Sugarman, Jeff
BF 38 .F58 1991 The Science of the Mind Flanagan, Owen J.
BF 38.5 .P64 1983 Methodology for the Human Sciences : Systems of Inquiry Polkinghorne, Donald.
BF 40 .F63 1995 The Elm and the Expert : Mentalese and Its Semantics Fodor, Jerry A.
BF 47 .R55 1997 Ethics and the Discovery of the Unconscious Riker, John H.
BF 51 .D68 1987 Love, Celibacy, and the Inner Marriage Dourley, John P.
BF 75 .H67 1994 Orientation to Inquiry in a Reflective Professional Psychology Hoshmand, Lisa Tsoi.
BF 76 .D44 1995 Great Jobs for Psychology Majors DeGalan, Julie.; Lambert, Stephen E.
BF 76.4 .P75 1994 The Morals and Politics of Psychology : Psychological Discourse and the Status Quo Prilleltensky, Isaac.
BF 78 .A94 1999 Ace Your Midterms & Finals. Introduction to Psychology Axelrod, Alan.
BF 81 .W33 1995 Psychologists in Word and Image Wade, Nicholas.
BF 105 .M33 1999 Through the Rearview Mirror : Historical Reflections On Psychology Macnamara, John.
BF 108 .U5.H47 1995 The Romance of American Psychology : Political Culture in the Age of Experts Herman, Ellen.
BF 109 .L28.D57 1996 Disseminating Lacan Pettigrew, David; Raffoul, François
BF 109 .L28.N3713 1998 Five Lessons On the Psychoanalytic Theory of Jacques Lacan Nasio, Juan-David.
BF 109 .F74.R52 1990 Freud and Moses : The Long Journey Home Rice, Emanuel.
BF 109 .F74.M65 1991 The Freudian Reading : Analytical and Fictional Constructions Møller, Lis.
BF 109 .F74.K58 1995 Freud's Dream : A Complete Interdisciplinary Science of Mind Kitcher, Patricia.
BF 109 .F74.R634 1993 Meeting Freud's Family Roazen, Paul.
BF 109 .N54.N54 1999 Nietzsche and Depth Psychology Golomb, Jacob.
BF 109 .F74.L44 1995 Nietzsche's Presence in Freud's Life and Thought : On the Origins of a Psychology of Dynamic Unconscious Mental Functioning Lehrer, Ronald.
BF 109 .A1.P67 1991 Portraits of Pioneers in Psychology. Vol. 3 Kimble, Gregory A.; Wertheimer, Michael.; White, Charlotte.
BF 109 .A1.P67 1991 Portraits of Pioneers in Psychology. Vol. 2 Kimble, Gregory A.; Wertheimer, Michael.; White, Charlotte.
BF 109 .L28.R43 1996 Reading Seminars I and II : Lacan's Return to Freud : Seminar I, Freud's Papers On Technique, Seminar II, The Ego in Freud's Theory and in t Feldstein, Richard.
BF 109 .J8.C43 1993 Spiritualism and the Foundations of C.G. Jung's Psychology Charet, F. X.
BF 109 .L28.A313 1992 The Title of the Letter : A Reading of Lacan Lacoue-Labarthe, Philippe.; Nancy, Jean-Luc.
BF 109 .F74.A82513 1999 Writings On Psychoanalysis : Freud and Lacan Althusser, Louis.; Corpet, Olivier.; Matheron, François.
BF 121 .J64 2000 The Complete Idiot's Guide to Psychology Johnston, Joni E.
BF 121 .I5645 1992 International Psychology : Views From Around the World Sexton, virginia Staudt.
BF 121 .S883 1999 Key Ideas in Psychology Stuart-Hamilton, Ian.
BF 121 .K53 1996 Psychology : The Hope of a Science Kimble, Gregory A.
BF 149 .T32 1997 Mind and Brain Sciences in the 21 .t Century Solso, Robert L.
BF 161 .M365 1990 Body of Knowledge : An Introduction to Body/mind Psychology Marrone, Robert L.
BF 161 .F46 1972 Psyche and Cerebrum Findlay, J. N.
BF 171 .L32 1990 The Languages of Psyche : Mind and Body in Enlightenment Thought : Clark Library Lectures, 1985-1986 Rousseau, G. S.
BF 173 .E658 1996 A Final Accounting : Philosophical and Empirical Issues in Freudian Psychology Erwin, Edward.
BF 173 .J85.C612 1985 Jung and Eastern Thought Coward, Harold G.
BF 173 .R3656 1995 Reading Seminar XI : Lacan's Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis : Including the First English Translation of "Position of the Uncon Feldstein, Richard.
BF 175 .C43 1982 Freud On Schreber : Psychoanalytic Theory and the Critical Act Chabot, C. Barry.
BF 175.4 .C68.S74 1999 Going for Counselling : Working With a Counsellor to Develop Essential Life Skills Stewart, William.; Martin, Angela
BF 175.4 .R44.S65 1990 Jung's Quest for Wholeness : A Religious and Historical Perspective Smith, Curtis D.
BF 175.4 .C84.L33 1996 Lacan, Politics, Aesthetics Apollon, Willy.
BF 175.4 .P45.N34 1990 Philosophical Issues in the Psychology of C.G. Jung Nagy, Marilyn.
BF 175.5 .D74.P55 1999 The Complete Idiot's Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams Pliskin, Marci.; Just, Shari L.
BF 175.5 .L68.C3713 1989 Eros and Pathos : Shades of Love and Suffering Carotenuto, Aldo.
BF 175.5 .I43.K36 1994 Identification and Character : A Book On Psychological Development Kamler, Howard.
BF 175.5 .A72.S54 1988 Mythos and Logos in the Thought of Carl Jung : The Theory of the Collective Unconscious in Scientific Perspective Shelburne, Walter A.
BF 175.5 .M37.W95 1989 The Phallic Quest : Priapus and Masculine Inflation Wyly, James.
BF 175.5 .M37.H64 1994 Under Saturn's Shadow : The Wounding and Healing of Men Hollis, James.
BF 204.5 .F85 1990 Insight Into Value : An Exploration of the Premises of a Phenomenological Psychology Fuller, Andrew Reid.
BF 204.7 .W37 1995 The Ego and the Dynamic Ground : A Transpersonal Theory of Human Development Washburn, Michael.
BF 204.7 .F57 1997 The Primal Wound : A Transpersonal View of Trauma, Addiction, and Growth Firman, John.; Gila, Ann.
BF 204.7 .W375 1994 Transpersonal Psychology in Psychoanalytic Perspective Washburn, Michael.
BF 204.7 .S68 1998 Words From the Soul : Time, East/west Spirituality, and Psychotherapeutic Narrative Sovatsky, Stuart.
BF 241 .M26 1998 Inattentional Blindness Mack, Arien.; Rock, Irvin.
BF 241 .E28 1999 Representation and Recognition in Vision Edelman, Shimon.
BF 241 .B29 1997 Visual Intelligence : Perception, Image, and Manipulation in Visual Communication Barry, Ann Marie.
BF 295 .T56 1998 Timing of Behavior : Neural, Psychololgical, and Computational Perspectives Rosenbaum, David A.
BF 311 .W2657 1996 Changes of Mind : A Holonomic Theory of the Evolution of Consciousness Wade, Jenny.
BF 311 .H88 1995 Cognition in the Wild Hutchins, Edwin.
BF 311 .C5523 1995 Cognitive Science : An Introduction Stillings, Neil A.
BF 311 .R6545 1991 Consciousness : Separation and Integration Rossman, Neil.
BF 311 .J85 1995 Dialogues On Perception Julesz, Bela.
BF 311 .V26 1993 The Embodied Mind : Cognitive Science and Human Experience Varela, Francisco J.; Thompson, Evan.; Rosch, Eleanor.
BF 311 .I46 1997 Indirect Perception Rock, Irvin.
BF 311 .I68 1995 An Invitation to Cognitive Science. Vol. 3, Thinking Osherson, Daniel N.; Gleitman, Lila R.
BF 311 .W585 1997 Knowledge in Minds : Individual and Collective Processes in Cognition Wilkes, A. L.
BF 311 .M4489 1994 Metacognition : Knowing About Knowing Metcalfe, Janet.
BF 311 .C54 1991 Microcognition : Philosophy, Cognitive Science, and Parallel Distributed Processing Clark, Andy.
BF 311 .M553 1995 Mind As Motion : Explorations in the Dynamics of Cognition Port, Robert F.
BF 311 .N37 1999 The Nature of Cognition Sternberg, Robert J.
BF 311 .G478 1991 An Odyssey in Learning and Perception Gibson, Eleanor Jack.
BF 311 .T354 1999 The Race for Consciousness Taylor, John Gerald.
BF 311 .H54 1996 Race in the Making : Cognition, Culture, and the Child's Construction of Human Kinds Hirschfeld, Lawrence A.
BF 311 .K485 1999 Sex and Cognition Kimura, Doreen.
BF 311 .S5676 1998 Similarity and Symbols in Human Thinking Sloman, Steven A.
BF 311 .V624 1995 What Is Cognitive Science? Von Eckardt, Barbara.
BF 311 .M535 1995 White Queen Psychology and Other Essays for Alice : Ruth Garrett Millikan Millikan, Ruth Garrett.
BF 311 .G63 1998 Words, Thoughts, and Theories Gopnik, Alison.; Meltzoff, Andrew N.
BF 315 .B95 1999 The African Unconscious : Roots of Ancient Mysticism and Modern Psychology Bynum, Edward Bruce.
BF 315.5 .C53 1999 Trusting Your Intuition : Rediscover Your True Self to Achieve a Richer, More Rewarding Life Clare, Sylvia.
BF 316.6 .T48 1996 Mind : Introduction to Cognitive Science Thagard, Paul.
BF 316.6 .G64 1995 Sketches of Thought Goel, Vinod.
BF 318 .C44 1984 Learning to Learn From Experience Cell, Edward.
BF 321 .P37 1998 The Psychology of Attention Pashler, Harold E.
BF 323 .S63.K86 1999 Social Cognition : Making Sense of People Kunda, Ziva.
BF 327 .B38 1998 Change Your Attitude : Creating Success One Thought At a Time Bay, Tom.; Macpherson, David.
BF 327 .E77 1998 The Essence of Attitude : Quotations for Igniting Positive Attitudes Karvelas, Katherine.
BF 335 .N67 1989 Life Metaphors : Stories of Ordinary Survival Norton, Catherine Sullivan.
BF 341 .P53 1991 Plasticity of Development Brauth, Steven E.
BF 341 .R35 1996 Rethinking Innateness : A Connectionist Perspective On Development Elman, Jeffrey L.
BF 353.5 .N37.K34 1999 The Human Relationship With Nature : Development and Culture Kahn, Peter H.
BF 367 .K668 1994 Image and Brain : The Resolution of the Imagery Debate Kosslyn, Stephen Michael.
BF 371 .P383 1988 Imaginal Memory and the Place of Hiroshima Perlman, Michael.
BF 371 .E5413 1998 Memory for Actions Engelkamp, Johannes.
BF 371 .P277 1993 Memory : Phenomena, Experiment, and Theory Parkin, Alan J.
BF 371 .M4678 1994 Memory Systems 1994 Schacter, Daniel L.
BF 371 .K74 1990 Of Memory, Reminiscence, and Writing : On the Verge Krell, David Farrell.
BF 371 .W53 1997 Superior Memory Wilding, John M.; Valentine, Elizabeth R.
BF 371 .W675 1998 Working Memory and Thinking Logie, Robert H.; Gilhooly, K. J.
BF 385 .K87 1999 The Complete Idiot's Guide to Improving Your Memory Kurland, Michael.; Lupoff, Richard A.
BF 408 .C745 1995 The Creative Cognition Approach Smith, Steven M.; Ward, Thomas B.; Finke, Ronald A.
BF 408 .F447 1996 Creative Cognition : Theory, Research, and Applications Finke, Ronald A.; Ward, Thomas B.; Smith, Steven M.
BF 408 .E395 1999 Cross-train Your Brain : A Mental Fitness Program for Maximizing Creativity and Achieving Success Eiffert, Stephen D.
BF 408 .D56 1994 Dimensions of Creativity Boden, Margaret A.
BF 411 .C37 1976 Imagining : A Phenomenological Study Casey, Edward S.
BF 431 .P355 1999 The Complete Idiot's Guide to Improving Your IQ Pellegrino, Richard.; Politis, Michael.
BF 431 .E89 2001 The Evolution of Intelligence Sternberg, Robert J.; Kaufman, James C.
BF 431 .D46513 1992 Treatise On the Intellect and the Intelligible : Tractatus De Intellectu Et Intelligibili Dietrich.; Fèuhrer, M. L.
BF 432 .A1.M46 1991 The IQ Mythology : Class, Race, Gender, and Inequality Mensh, Elaine.; Mensh, Harry
BF 442 .R56 1994 The Psychology of Proof : Deductive Reasoning in Human Thinking Rips, Lance J.
BF 444 .C64 1995 Comparative Approaches to Cognitive Science Roitblat, H. L.
BF 444 .J33 1990 Consciousness and the Computational Mind Jackendoff, Ray S.
BF 444 .J333 1992 Languages of the Mind : Essays On Mental Representation Jackendoff, Ray S.
BF 448 .H35 1999 Smart Choices : A Practical Guide to Making Better Decisions Hammond, John S.; Keeney, Ralph L.; Raiffa, Howard
BF 449 .B36 1992 Take Charge! : A "How To" Approach for Solving Everybody Problems Bannon, Joseph J.
BF 455 .E68 1993 Protocol Analysis : Verbal Reports As Data Ericsson, K. Anders.; Simon, Herbert Alexander
BF 458 .W5 1985 Symbolism, Its Meaning and Effect : Barbour-Page Lectures, University of Virginia, 1927 Whitehead, Alfred North.
BF 467 .C35 1995 Past, Space, and Self Campbell, John.
BF 468 .L487 1992 Symmetry, Causality, Mind Leyton, Michael.
BF 468 .S56 1993 Time and Psychological Explanation Slife, Brent D.
BF 469 .H33 1998 A Handbook of Spatial Research Paradigms and Methodologies. Vol. 2, Clinical and Comparative Studies Foreman, Nigel.; Gillett, Raphael.
BF 469 .H45 1999 Visual Space Perception : A Primer Hershenson, Maurice.
BF 481 .L43 1994 Learning, Remembering, Believing : Enhancing Human Performance Druckman, Daniel; Bjork, Robert A.
BF 481 .K6 2000 Life Work Transitions.com : Putting Your Spirit Online Knox, Deborah L.; Butzel, Sandra S.
BF 481 .R53 1985 Stress Burnout : An Annotated Bibliography Riggar, T. F.
BF 481 .F58 2002 Working in the Dark : Keeping Your Job While Dealing With Depression Fitter, Fawn.; Gulas, Beth.
BF 503 .C66 1998 Commitment to Excellence Karvelas, Katherine.
BF 503 .C34 1998 Motivation and Goal-setting : How to Set and Achieve Goals and Inspire Others Cairo, Jim.
BF 505 .G6.D37 1998 The Complete Idiot's Guide to Reaching Your Goals Davidson, Jeffrey P.
BF 505 .G6.P68 1998 The Power of Goals : Quotations to Strengthen Your Climb to New Heights Karvelas, Katherine.
BF 505 .R48.K65 1999 Punished By Rewards : The Trouble With Gold Stars, Incentive Plans, A's, Praise, and Other Bribes Kohn, Alfie.
BF 531 .E475 1999 Strong Feelings : Emotion, Addiction, and Human Behavior Elster, Jon.
BF 575 .A5.D64 1990 Anger : Deal With It, Heal With It, Stop It From Killing You DeFoore, Bill.
BF 575 .A5.B55 1992 The Anger Workbook Bilodeau, Lorrainne.
BF 575 .S37.G35 1995 Bedtime Stories for Grown-ups : Fairy-tale Psychology Gallehugh, D. Sue.; Gallehugh, Allen
BF 575 .G7.B475 1984 Bereavement : Reactions, Consequences, and Care Osterweis, Marian.; Solomon, Fredric.; Green, Morris.
BF 575 .T7.B56 2001 Broken Promises, Mended Hearts : Maintaining Trust in Love Relationships Block, Joel D.
BF 575 .L8.C478 1999 Chicken Soup for the Couple's Soul : Inspirational Stories About Love and Relationships Canfield, Jack
BF 575 .B3.P45 1991 Communication Incompetencies : A Theory of Training Oral Performance Behavior Phillips, Gerald M.; Kelly, Lynne.; Rubin, Rebecca B.
BF 575 .A85.D37 1997 The Complete Idiot's Guide to Assertiveness Davidson, Jeffrey P.
BF 575 .S75.D28 1999 The Complete Idiot's Guide to Managing Stress Davidson, Jeffrey P.
BF 575 .S75.D28 1997 The Complete Idiot's Guide to Managing Stress Davidson, Jeffrey P.
BF 575 .L8.R66 1999 The Complete Idiot's Guide to Romance Dr. Romance.
BF 575 .F2.B37 1994 Embracing the Fear : Learning to Manage Anxiety and Panic Attacks Bemis, Judith.; Barrada, Amr.
BF 575 .I5.C65 1997 Emotional Unavailability : Recognizing It, Understanding It, and Avoiding Its Trap Collins, Bryn C.
BF 575 .A5.L53 1999 Everything You Need to Know About Anger Licata, Renora.
BF 575 .G7.B685 1990 A Journey Through Grief Bozarth, Alla Renée.
BF 575 .A45.W45 1991 Mixed Emotions : Certain Steps Toward Understanding Ambivalence Weigert, Andrew J.
BF 575 .G7.M55 1999 Mourning and Dancing : A Memoir of Grief and Recovery Miller, Sally Downham.
BF 575 .S75.R64 1999 Responding to Stress Rogers, Tim.; Graham, Fiona.
BF 575 .S75.B635 1999 Smart Guide to Relieving Stress Bodger, Carole.
BF 575 .S75.L49 1998 The Stress Management Handbook : Strategies for Health and Inner Peace Leyden-Rubenstein, Lori A.
BF 575 .G7 1998 Surviving Your Partner : How to Live With the Death of the Person Closest to You Murphy, Sylvia.
BF 575 .L3.M65 1983 Taking Laughter Seriously Morreall, John.
BF 575 .H27 1988 Time for Joy : Daily Affirmations Fishel, Ruth.
BF 611 .V63 1999 Dealing With Choices Vogel, Elizabeth.
BF 619.5 .H46 1996 Catching Ourselves in the Act : Situated Activity, Interactive Emergence, Evolution, and Human Thought Hendriks-Jansen, Horst.
BF 632 .K57 1999 Life By Design : Making Wise Choices in a Mixed-up World Kirschner, Rick.; Brinkman, Rick.
BF 632 .A46 1999 Self-management & Personal Effectiveness : How to Achieve Your Personal Goals in Life and At Work Amos, Julie-Ann.
BF 637 .P74.L4 1990 Affirmations for the Inner Child Lerner, Rokelle.
BF 637 .B47 1999 .v.2 The Best of Personal Excellence. Vol. 2 : The Magazine of Life Enrichment Shelton, Ken.
BF 637 .S8.B466 1998 The Best of Success Karvelas, Katherine.
BF 637 .S4.J64 1999 Building Your Life Skills : Who Are You, Where Are You, and Where Do You Want to Go : a Personal Action Plan Johnstone, Judith.
BF 637 .C4.C43 1994 Changing the Self : Philosophies, Techniques, and Experiences Brinthaupt, Thomas M.
BF 637 .S4.J66 1999 Choosing a Better Life : An Inspiring Step-by-step Guide to Building the Future You Want Jones, Hilary.; Gilbert, Frank
BF 637 .C45.C87 1985 Communication in Interpersonal Relationships Cushman, Donald P.; Cahn, Dudley D.
BF 637 .L4.D85 1998 The Complete Idiot's Guide to Leadership DuBrin, Andrew J.
BF 637 .P76 The Complete Idiot's Guide to Overcoming Procrastination Tullier, L. Michelle.
BF 637 .V47.G53 1999 The Complete Idiot's Guide to Verbal Self-defense Glass, Lillian.
BF 637 .N4.I442 1999 The Complete Idiot's Guide to Winning Through Negotiation Ilich, John.
BF 637 .F67.D39 1992 Daily Affirmations for Forgiving and Moving On Dayton, Tian.
BF 637 .A77.V64 2000 Dealing With Showoffs Vogel, Elizabeth.
BF 637 .D42.D43 1986 Deception, Perspectives On Human and Nonhuman Deceit Mitchell, Robert W.; Thompson, Nicholas S.
BF 637 .B78 1999 Discovering Meditation : How to Practise Meditation Techniques to Find Inner Calm and Resolution Brueton, Diana.
BF 637 .L53.B43 1997 Disrupted Lives : How People Create Meaning in a Chaotic World Becker, Gaylene.
BF 637 .O94.G53 2000 Everything You Need to Know About the Dangers of Overachieving : A Guide for Relieving Pressure and Anxiety Giacobello, John.
BF 637 .C45.W24 1995 Family Communication : The Essential Rules for Improving Communication and Making Your Relationships More Loving, Supportive, and Enriching Wahlroos, Sven.
BF 637 .S4.C64 1999 Feeling Good for No Good Reason Cohen, Pete.; Verity, Judith.
BF 637 .S37.S88 1999 Healing the Hurt Within : Understand and Relieve the Suffering Behind Self-destructive Behaviour Sutton, Jan.
BF 637 .P4.I54 1992 Influencing Human Behavior : Theory and Application in Recreation, Tourism, and Natural Resources Management Manfredo, Michael J.
BF 637 .C45.I67 1994 Interpretive Approaches to Interpersonal Communication Carter, Kathryn; Presnell, Mick
BF 637 .T5.A85 1997 Keeping Work Simple : 500 .Tips, Rules, and Tools Aslett, Don.; Cartaino, Carol
BF 637 .C45.N463 1997 The Mate Relationship : Cross-cultural Applications of a Rules Theory Nicotera, Anne Maydan.
BF 637 .S4.C484 2000 The Passion Plan : A Step-by-step Guide to Discovering, Developing, and Living Your Passion Chang, Richard Y.
BF 637 .C74.W45 2000 The Power of Positive Criticism Weisinger, Hendrie.
BF 637 .S8.L55 1999 The Procrastinator's Guide to Success Lively, Lynn.
BF 637 .S4.C33 1999 Simple Steps : Ten Things You Can Do to Create an Exceptional Life Caliandro, Arthur.; Lenson, Barry.
BF 637 .S4.C7 1998 There Are No Limits : Breaking the Barriers in Personal High Performance Cox, Danny.
BF 685 .A24 1989 Freud On Instinct and Morality Abel, Donald C.
BF 697 .P46 1987 The Heart of History : Individuality in Evolution Perry, John Weir.
BF 697 .B7 2000 The Psychology of Self-esteem : A Revolutionary Approach to Self-understanding That Launched a New Era in Modern Psychology Branden, Nathaniel.
BF 697 .S4335 1992 The Self : Definitional and Methodological Issues Brinthaupt, Thomas M.
BF 697 .J26 1984 Self-esteem and Meaning : A Life-historical Investigation Jackson, Michael R.
BF 697.5 .B63.B59 1997 Bodily Discursions : Genders, Representations, Technologies Wilson, Deborah S.
BF 697.5 .B63.B6 1995 The Body and the Self Bermúdez, Joseâ Luis.
BF 697.5 .S46.F38 1998 The Complete Idiot's Guide to Enhancing Self-esteem Warner, Mark J.
BF 697.5 .S46.C97 1994 The Power of Self-esteem Cypert, Samuel A.
BF 697.5 .S65.R48 1995 Rhetorics of Self-making Battaglia, Debbora.
BF 697.5 .S44.B46 1997 Telling the Success Story : Acclaiming and Disclaiming Discourse Benoit, Pamela J.
BF 698.35 .L62.C63 1994 Becoming an Agent : Patterns and Dynamics for Shaping Your Life Cochran, Larry.; Laub, Joan.
BF 698.35 .C45.D83 1997 Personal Magnetism : Discover Your Own Charisma and Learn to Charm, Inspire, and Influence Others DuBrin, Andrew J.
BF 713.5 .D96 1993 A Dynamic Systems Approach to Development : Applications Smith, Linda B.
BF 720 .P47.K45 1998 The Cradle of Knowledge : Development of Perception in Infancy Kellman, Philip J.; Arterberry, Martha E.
BF 720 .C63.T48 1996 A Dynamic Systems Approach to the Development of Cognition and Action Thelen, Esther.; Smith, Linda B.
BF 720 .S63.E37 1999 Early Social Cognition : Understanding Others in the First Months of Life Rochat, Philippe
BF 723 .S3.R36 1994 501 Ways to Boost Your Child's Self-esteem Ramsey, Robert D.
BF 723 .C5.K376 1995 Beyond Modularity : A Developmental Perspective On Cognitive Science Karmiloff-Smith, Annette.
BF 723 .C5.W45 1990 The Child's Theory of Mind Wellman, Henry M.
BF 723 .C5.K39 1992 Concepts, Kinds, and Cognitive Development Keil, Frank C.
BF 723 .P7.B68 1998 Coping With Discrimination and Prejudice Bowman-Kruhm, Mary.; Wirths, Claudine G.
BF 723 .B5.V63 2000 Dealing With Being the Middle Child in Your Family Vogel, Elizabeth.
BF 723 .B5.V64 2000 Dealing With Being the Oldest Child in Your Family Vogel, Elizabeth.
BF 723 .B5.V65 1998 Dealing With Being the Youngest Child in Your Family Vogel, Elizabeth.
BF 723 .C6.M53 1999 Dealing With Competitiveness Middleton, Don.
BF 723 .T3.M53 1999 Dealing With Tattling Middleton, Don.
BF 723 .G75.J64 1999 Keys to Helping Children Deal With Death and Grief Johnson, Joy.
BF 723 .F68.K46 1998 Let's Talk About Being a Good Friend Kent, Susan.
BF 723 .A5.K46 2000 Let's Talk About Feeling Nervous Kent, Susan.
BF 723 .S15.H45 1999 Let's Talk About Feeling Sad Helmer, Diana Star.
BF 723 .G68.K46 1998 Let's Talk About Living With a Grandparent Kent, Susan.
BF 724.3 .F64.S66 2000 Chillin' : A Guy's Guide to Friendship Sommers, Michael A.
BF 724.3 .G73.G53 2000 Coping With Grieving and Loss Giddens, Sandra.; Giddens, Owen.
BF 724.3 .B55.C67 2000 Girl Power in the Mirror : A Book About Girls, Their Bodies, and Themselves Cordes, Helen.
BF 724.3 .B55.M64 1999 Understanding Negative Body Image Moe, Barbara.
BF 724.3 .I3.M76 1995 Where "Something Catches" : Work, Love, and Identity in Youth Muñoz, Victoria I.
BF 724.6 .S53 1987 Meaning in Mid-life Transitions Sherman, Edmund A.
BF 724.6 .H65 1993 The Middle Passage : From Misery to Meaning in Midlife Hollis, James.
BF 724.65 .M53.S53 1988 .Suppl. Dear Gladys : The Survival Papers, Book 2 Sharp, Daryl.
BF 724.65 .M53.S53 1988 The Survival Papers : Anatomy of a Midlife Crisis Sharp, Daryl.
BF 724.8 .A4813 1994 On Aging : Revolt and Resignation Améry, Jean.; Barlow, John D.
BF 724.85 .C64.C63 1999 Cognition, Aging, and Self-reports Schwarz, Norbert
BF 891 .L68 1999 The Complete Idiot's Guide to Handwriting Analysis Lowe, Sheila R.
BF 921 .G52 1999 The Complete Idiot's Guide to Palmistry Gile, Robin.; Lenard, Lisa.
BF 935 .M4.Z66 1995 Chinese Medical Palmistry : Your Health in Your Hand Zong, Xiao-fan.; Liscum, Gary.
BF 1023 .C373.J64 1998 Edgar Cayce in Context : The Readings, Truth and Fiction Johnson, K. Paul.
BF 1031 .R63 1999 The Complete Idiot's Guide to Being Psychic Robinson, Lynn A.; Carlson-Finnerty, LaVonne.
BF 1031 .I79 1999 An Introduction to Parapsychology Irwin, H. J.
BF 1031 .S44 1999 The Paranormal Sourcebook : A Complete Guide to All Things Otherworldly Sellier, Charles E.; Meier, Joe.
BF 1045 .N4.A873 2000 The Complete Idiot's Guide to Near-death Experiences Atwater, P. M. H.; Morgan, David H.
BF 1078 .K62 1998 The Dream Sourcebook : A Guide to the Theory and Interpretation of Dreams Koch-Sheras, Phyllis R.; Lemley, Amy.
BF 1078 .C67 2000 Visions in the Night : Jungian and Ancient Dream Interpretation Covitz, Joel.
BF 1099 .I58.K63 1999 The Dream Sharing Sourcebook : A Practical Guide to Enhancing Your Personal Relationships Koch-Sheras, Phyllis R.; Sheras, Peter L.
BF 1127 .S54.B47 2000 José Silva's Ultramind ESP System : Think Your Way to Success Bernd, Ed.
BF 1408.2 .R364 1997 Paschal Beverly Randolph : A Nineteenth-century Black American Spiritualist, Rosicrucian, and Sex Magician Deveney, John P.
BF 1411 .L45 1999 The Complete Idiot's Guide to New Millennium Predictions Lenard-Cook, Lisa.
BF 1461 .O43 1999 The Complete Idiot's Guide to Ghosts and Hauntings Ogden, Tom.
BF 1472 .U6.W552 1998 Best Tales of Texas Ghosts Williams, Docia Schultz.
BF 1623 .P9.L344 1999 The Complete Idiot's Guide to Numerology Lagerquist, Kay.; Lenard, Lisa.
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C-G - Archaeology, Genealogy, Biography; History; Geography

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HQ - The Family, Marriage, Women

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HT-HV - Communities; Classes; Races; Social Pathology; Social Welfare

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J-N - Political Science, Law, Education, Music

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