Below you will find the most current list of Mentored Ministry Opportunities in the Hamilton Campus area, especially pertaining to positions that exhibit a Variety of Opportunities in One Place.

Our office strives to keep the listings below as up to date as possible. All postings have a trained and approved mentor in place. Please note that while these postings reflect the desire of certain ministries and churches to have a seminarian work with them, ministry opportunities for GCTS students are not limited to this list.


Position: We are looking for a student who wishes to learn practical matters of pastoral ministry. This is a position that will focus on pastoral ministry and preparation for military/civilian chaplaincy for those who would be interested. Potential topics of discussion: Worship, Pluralism, Pastor’s Spouse, Communion, Confirmation, Ordination/Vicinage council, Baptism, Funerals/bereavement/death notification, Weddings, Substance Abuse, Preaching, Counseling, Denominational matters, Hospital visitation/medical ethics.

Hours: 10 hours per week (more if the student has time).

Finances: Open to providing stipend.

Time: Flexible.

Travel Time: 25 – 30 minutes from GCTS. 

Other:  We are a historic evangelical church with both traditional and contemporary worship services and a religious education program. Information about Mentored Ministry at First Parish Congregational Church available upon request.


  • SITE: 5 Broadway Blvd., PO Box 321, Alton Bay, NH 03810
  • MENTOR:  Rev. G. Kenneth Steigler
  • PHONE: 978-979-8380
  • EMAIL:

Position: The student will work in doing ministry with adults, youth, and staff. Student will assist in leading prayer for Saturday evening concerts and for special guests, as well as help lead Sunday worship (scripture reading, prayer, announcements, etc). The student will work with a large clergy team. The student will need to be in full agreement with our Statement of Faith, Mission, Vision and Core Values.                                        

Hours: 12 hours per week (Saturdays and Sundays).

Finances: $100 per week, plus food and lodging for student and family on Saturdays and Sundays.

Time:  July 1-September 6, 2018.

Travel Time:  1 hour, 40 minutes from GCTS.

Other:  The student will work with an experienced clergy support team in a learning environment consisting of adults, youth, retreat groups and ABCCC members. The student should maintain a personal Bible study, devotions and prayer life, as well as maintaining professional conduct, moral integrity and a Biblical mind set. The student should be outgoing, have clear communication skills, be teachable and be able to set boundaries.


Position: If you get excited about leading in a multi-ethnic context, working to become a family of diverse disciples in a city with many refugees, immigrants, and Bostonians, you’ll want to consider serving with us. We have an opportunity for a student to serve alongside the pastoral team in leadership of the church, administration of ministries, preaching occasionally and, if able, occasional leading of worship in a band. The ideal student should want to grow in their ministry and leadership skills, especially in a multi-ethnic context. This means the student has a desire to grow in cultural awareness and works to be culturally agile. Ambition to plant churches is a plus, but not necessary. This position is open to men only.                                                             

Hours: 10 hrs./week minimum.

Finances: Stipend up to $6000, depending on experience and role.

Time: Flexible.

Travel Time: 35 minutes from GCTS.

Other: Seven Mile Road is a Gospel-formed family of diverse disciples sent to make Jesus known. We are a church that seeks to serve one of the most diverse zip codes in the Commonwealth. From refugees, to students, to immigrants, and native Bostonians, we are a multi-ethnic church that represents over a dozen people groups. We’re decidedly a church for our cities. We are bent out to see many drawn in.

SYMPHONY CHURCH - Seminarian Intern

Position: We are looking for disciple-makers and leadership developers. If you have a heart for college students and/or young working professionals, we would love to talk to you about serving in our church. From leading small groups, teaching classes, or preaching the Word, there are many opportunities at Symphony Church to grow as a minister while participating in the building up of the Kingdom of God here in the Greater Boston area. This opportunity is open to both male and female students of any denominational background.

Hours: 10-15 hours per week

Finances: Reimbursement for seminary books; travel stipend.

Time: 2017-2018 Academic year.

Travel Time: 45 minutes from GCTS.

Other: Symphony Church was planted in 2010 with a vision to minister to the university and college campuses of Boston. We desire to be used by God to bring the gospel to the many college students in Boston who do not have a relationship with Jesus and to help them grow in the church. Also, beyond the original vision which began with college students, our hope is to build a multi-generational, multi-cultural and multi-ethnic church that will bring the gospel to the entire Boston area.


POSITION: We are looking for a student with a heart for God and His people to come explore all areas of pastoral ministry at Hope Community Church. Opportunities include working with children and youth, leading a small group, teaching an adult class, serving the young adult ministry, and coordinating a mission trip. Preaching is also a possibility. This opportunity is open to both male and female candidates of any denominational backgrounds. 

HOURS: 10 hours per week.

FINANCES: Possibility of a stipend with a multi-year commitment and increased responsibility. 

TIME: 10 hours per week.

TRAVEL TIME: 30 minutes from Gordon Conwell.

OTHER:  Hope Community Church is a vibrant and active congregation of about 800 men, women, youth and children. We have an amazing history of over 200 years of ministry in Newburyport. Our values are Grace, Community, Holiness and Service.


POSITION: Highrock: Cultivate is an internship process created to be enriching for both the intern and the church. We desire a learning experience that is more than simply meeting requirements. We enjoy tailoring internships around interests, vocational goals, and dreams of our individual students. Students may try a variety of ministry opportunities, in the hope that they will work closely with our pastoral team, learning through experience and conversation. While we offer general pastoral opportunities, we are also interested in students to serve in college ministry and/or church planting in the future. Highrock: Cultivate is a two-semester process that seeks to orient interns to staff culture; encourage personal, professional and spiritual growth; and partner with the intern in discerning a call to future ministry. Both women and men are welcome to serve at our church.

HOURS: Average 10 hours per week.

FINANCES: Volunteer position.

TIME:  Flexible. Fall, spring and summer semesters.

TRAVEL TIME: 15-20 minutes.

OTHER: Our church model is highly relational. We seek students who are eager to build community within the church, and serve the greater community beyond the church. We value radically local missions and serving our neighbors, so we are involved in our city and serving its citizens for Christ. It is Highrock’s mission to see God transform every neighborhood and institution in Greater Boston.

NETCAST CHURCH - Spiritual Formation

POSITION: We are looking for a relationally-driven student with strong administrative skills to serve in the area of Spiritual Formation. This opportunity involves leading and executing an assimilation process that guides church attenders into relational connection through a Partnership process (Discover Class) and into Small Group involvement. The goal is to see people grow from attenders to fully-devoted followers of Jesus who live as the family of God. This role would involve relational discipleship and the administrative tasks that accompany it. This position also includes potential opportunities to teach.

HOURS: 10 hours per week.

FINANCES: Reimbursement for ministry expenses.

TIME: Fall 2017 or 2017-2018 Academic year.

TRAVEL TIME: 10 - 12 minutes from GCTS.

OTHER: Netcast is a 6-year old church plant that experienced quick growth early on. We continue to be one of the larger churches in the area. Our congregation consists of mostly young families, but we also attract a large number of students. Netcast church exists to multiply committed disciples of Jesus by communicating the Gospel and connecting people relationally. We value Faithful Contributors who Journey Together, are Authentically Transparent and Sacrificially Generous.


POSITION: We are seeking students with a commitment to ministering alongside of us for at least 1 year. Opportunities include preaching once a month, High School youth ministry, domestic and foreign short-term missions, local outreach, and small groups. CCC is a family church in which students can expect to be accepted and well-loved. We are open to students of various background, and continue to have close relationships with past GCTS students who have served with us.

HOURS: 15 – 20 hours per week.

FINANCES: Generous monthly stipend; negotiable. 

TIME: At least 1 year commitment; preferably 2 years. 

TRAVEL TIME: 45 – 60 minutes from GCTS.

OTHER: Carlisle Congregational is a conservative church with affinity to Reformed thinkers such as Tim Keller. We are a multi-generational, multi-ethnic and suburban church, drawing from 10 or more communities in Northwest Boston. It is a historic church of over 200 years, and draws from the New England Jonathan Edwards tradition. Currently, we have around 150 members. Pastor Weibley is a GCTS alum.

*Interested students, please contact Bob Brownson at or (617) 818 – 8658.

FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH - Outreach / Recovery Ministry

POSITION:  The church wishes to re-start its Recovery Support ministry that was established for two years and was reaching a number of people with various maladies and addictions. There is a void that must be filled, as the ministry ceased with an interruption in leadership. The pastor and mentor has significant experience in mental health and addiction services, and began the ministry, One Life, which is partly modeled on the Celebrate Recovery curriculum. This is a mercy ministry that will have the full support of the pastor and the congregation. Open to male applicants, only.

HOURS: Minimum 10 hours per week.

FINANCES: No stipend.

TIME: Fall 2017.

TRAVEL TIME: 9 Minutes from GCTS.

OTHER: Looking for a student who is solid in his faith with good communication and people skills, as well as a good sense of humor! The student must be willing to learn and grow, as well as preach on occasion. The church is biblically healthy with strong, unified leadership, including one seminary professor. We are prayerful and supportive, and will fully support the recovery ministry.


POSITION: We’re looking for a male student to participate in the prayer events of the church and can assist in outreach efforts appropriate for a suburban context. Other responsibilities include assisting the pastor with small group leading and teaching (if time allows), including a weekly bereavement group and other bible study groups, monthly preaching opportunities, and participation in Elder Board meetings when invited. There is also an opportunity for musical worship involvement for those who are musically inclined. This opportunity is to serve in a congregation facing the challenges of aging members who still wish to impact the community with God’s vision.

HOURS: 10-15 hours per week.

FINANCIAL: $1000 per semester plus travel expenses.

TIME FRAME: Fall 2017 and Spring 2018.

OTHER: We’re looking for someone with a creative, outgoing and catalytic personality who is willing to work in a suburban context. The student should be comfortable working with older members as well as 20-30 year olds. The student will have a variety of opportunities to touch and influence others for Christ.

COMMUTE: Approximately 50 minutes.


POSITION: The intern will have the latitude to experience a variety of duties and responsibilities. These can include preaching, teaching, pastoral care, program development, stewardship and church administration. We are looking for students who are willing to try new things in ministry, have a heart for spreading the Gospel of Christ, and is reliable and dependable. He/she does not need to be Episcopalian to apply.

HOURS: 10 – 15 hours per week.

FINANCIAL: Potential stipend and possible coverage of assignment-related expenses.

TIME FRAME: Flexible; we are hoping for a long-term relationship.

OTHER: We want to follow Christ in all things, and wish to inspire others to do the same. “Community” is our mantra– it’s what we do best. We are very good at taking care of people, challenging and inspiring each other, and calling out the best in each other. We will be utterly committed to the formation and growth of the student.

COMMUTE: 20 minutes from campus.

GENESIS CHURCH - Groups Intern

POSITION: Groups are places where people meet together, share life, and learn how to better walk with God and others. We are looking for students who love to disciple, minister, teach, and facilitate discussion; someone with a deep desire to pray for, serve, and teach the people God brings into their lives. The primary role of the intern will be to assist the leadership in further developing this ministry, providing training for volunteers, and faithfully serving in GENESIS groups. Students will get to work with Kendall Lankford, full-time staff and a GCTS alum, as well as receive mentoring by a team of leaders who oversee traditional community groups at GENESIS.

HOURS: 10 hours per week.


TIME: All semesters.

OTHER: GENESIS is a passionate, growing, and vibrant community of people, who exists to help all people walk with God. We have been blessed to see God move powerfully in our midst! Because of His favor upon us, we are meeting hundreds of new families and children each week, and have grown to more than 800 adults and 200 children. Because of that, one of our largest ministries is groups. Join us in the incredible things God is doing at GENESIS!

TRAVEL TIME: 35 – 45 minutes from GCTS.


POSITION: We have various ministry opportunities for seminarian interns and a long history of partnering with GCTS to mentor students. We are about 4 miles from the campus and have active ministries working with children, youth, college students, men, moms, international missions, local outreach, and many others. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about opportunities at NSCBC.

HOURS: 10 hours/week.

TIME FRAME: 1-year commitment minimum.

OTHER: Our weekly worship attendance is about 250 people.

COMMUTE: 5 minutes from GCTS.


POSITION: We are looking for students who desire to do collaborative ministry alongside parish clergy and volunteers at the Church of the Advent. Students would be able to experience many aspects of pastoral ministry in a program-sized, center city, Anglo-catholic church on Beacon Hill in Boston.

HOURS: 12 - 15 hours per week.

FINANCIAL: Negotiable.

TIME FRAME: Fall and/or Spring. 

TRAVEL TIME: 30 minutes from GCTS.

OTHER: The clergy at our church is willing to share in all aspects of collaborative parish ministry. We have a deep appreciation for evangelical preaching within a distinctly Anglo-catholic liturgy, and have had significant experience with seminarians within the past 3 years. 


POSITION: We are seeking a creative, “out-of-the-box” thinker who is interested in serving an urban and multi-cultural congregation. Opportunities can include Christian education, worship, pastoral care, preaching, leadership/administration, campus ministry and/or community outreach. Students may also enhance our partnership with the soup kitchen ministry, refugee resettlement agency, university or others. A student with a special interest in any of these areas could build a focused ministry experience, while others may choose a more “generalist” approach. A student who feels called to pastoral/parish ministry would benefit greatly from this opportunity.

HOURS: 12 hours per week.

FINANCES: A stipend of $ 750 per semester; up to $ 250 reimbursement for mileage expenses.

TIME: Fall and/or Spring semester.

TRAVEL TIME: 50 minutes from GCTS.

OTHER: Eliot is a multi-cultural congregation made up equally of African immigrants (mainly from West Africa), Cambodian immigrants, and white folks. We have a few African-Americans and other ethnic groups represented. Diversity extends to our church leadership and worship style, as well. We are located in downtown Lowell, a small urban community with a high percentage of immigrants and university students. We are a few blocks from the main homeless shelter and the Salvation army, and host a “soup kitchen” on our property 5 nights per week.


POSITION: If you’re considering long-term ministry in New England, it’s great to get experience in small-town contexts where much of the ministry is happening in this region. Pepperell is a town of 12,000 people with countless gospel opportunities. Mentored ministry students at PCF work with our pastoral staff to determine an area of ministry focus, based on gifting and previous experience. PCF offers numerous ministry opportunities (e.g. equipping and encouraging our many young families; organizing outreach efforts to serve and engage the community; helping with PCF Kids ministry; and encouraging and equipping our growing culture of one-to-one Bible reading). Teaching and preaching opportunities are also available. PCF loves our ministry interns. We are served well by them and, in turn, seek to encourage and support them. Open to male applicants, only.

HOURS: 10 hours per week.

FINANCIAL: To be discussed.

TIME FRAME: Fall 2017; one to two year commitment.

OTHER:  Pepperell Christian Fellowship is a non-denominational, gospel-centered church of 200+ people located in Pepperell, MA. We love the Bible and each other, and we’re passionate about reaching our community with the gospel. Our mission is: ‘We exist to be a Jesus-centered community in Pepperell, speaking gospel words and doing gospel works to display the worth of God to the world.’ Our Lead Pastor, Stephen Witmer, is a GCTS alum and an adjunct professor of New Testament at the South Hamilton campus.

TRAVEL TIME: 1 hour from GCTS.


POSITION: We are looking for a student who is interested in church planting and community outreach. We are a young and growing church community and a student would have the opportunity to participate in a variety of ministry positions. These include visitation, children’s ministry, discipleship ministry and small groups, as well as opportunities to preach. 

HOURS: 10 - 15 hours per week.

FINANCES: Fuel allotment.

TIME: Fall 2016, Spring and Summer 2017.

OTHER: Mount Hope has three alumni of GCTS on staff, with similar training and a unified vision for preaching and ministry. Ministry and sermons are planned as a team, and the student would have a chance to participate in weekly team meetings.

TRAVEL TIME: 45 - 60 minutes from Gordon-Conwell.


POSITION: Looking for a Japanese student, or one fluent in Japanese, to do outreach to the Boston area’s large Japanese community. The student must have a passion for Christ, a deep burden for the lost, and a teachable heart. Our worship and bible studies are expository, offering depth and a a deeply rooted application of the word to life. We’re a warm, friendly community that is excited about what God is doing.

HOURS: Minimum 10 hours per week.

FINANCES: Fuel allotment.

TIME: September 2016 – September 2017.

OTHER: Our leadership is willing to spend time helping you grow in your life and giftedness.

TRAVEL TIME: 20 minutes from Gordon-Conwell.


  • SITE: 20 Robinson Rd., Nashua, NH 03060
  • PHONE: (603) 305 - 7339
  • MENTOR: Pastor Jason Wakefield
  • EMAIL:

POSITION: We are looking for students interested in church planting, revitalization ministry, cross-cultural ministry and/or the PCA denomination to come serve our church in various ways. (This opportunity is open to male applicants, only.) Responsibilities can include preaching, leading worship, children’s ministry and working with a Session, Deacons and Presbytery. There is also the opportunity to learn more about the PCA and the process of ordination.

HOURS: 10-15 hours per week.

FINANCES: Fuel Allotment and an Honorarium commensurate with the student’s level of involvement. Fundraising is also possible.  

TIME: Flexible – could start at any time. Summer Internship is also possible.

OTHER: We are a small, warm and friendly congregation, comprised of mostly young families and lots of children. Our worship style is liturgical, with a mix of hymns and choruses.

TRAVEL TIME: 45 - 50 minutes from Gordon-Conwell.


POSITION: The apprentice will work with the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Rockport to help coordinate various aspects of the local church. This opportunity will provide realistic training for a seminarian interested in local church ministry. Opportunities can be catered to the interest and gifts of the student. Potential candidates must demonstrate an interest in Christ-centered church renewal within New England and a robust commitment to historical Christianity.

HOURS: 10 minimum (subject to student availability).

FINANCES: Competitive part-time and negotiable pay is available.

TIME: Flexible.

OTHER: The First Baptist Church of Rockport is one of the oldest churches on the North Shore of Boston and is dedicated to teaching and living out the gospel in the coastal community of Rockport.

TRAVEL TIME: 25 minutes from Gordon-Conwell.

RUGGLES BAPTIST CHURCH - Worship, Preaching, Young Adults (Variety)

POSITION: We are looking for students who are passionate about ministry in a young, diverse and urban environment. Our historic church is located in Boston, surrounded by Boston University and within walking distance of more than five other colleges and universities. The candidate(s) will receive one-on-one mentoring and training from an experienced pastor and staff team (all Gordon-Conwell graduates!), and get direct hands-on ministry experience in a big-city context. Opportunities for growth may include orchestrating the Sunday morning services, preaching, worship, mid-week community groups, and assisting with pastoral care concerns. Additionally, the candidate(s) will have opportunities to observe the elder and church council meetings, which will be valuable experience for leading in a local church.

HOURS: 10-15 hours per week.

FINANCES: A small weekly stipend is available.

TIME: Flexible (1-year commitment is preferred, but not necessary.)

OTHER: We are seeking male or female students who are committed to the local church and are teachable, willing to learn and submit to pastoral leadership, and are willing to be fully committed to the life and community of Ruggles Baptist Church.

TRAVEL TIME: 40 - 45 minutes from Gordon-Conwell.

CORNERSTONE CHURCH (Manchester-by-the-Sea) - Variety

POSITION: We are looking for male students of Baptist denomination who are humble, flexible, teachable and enthusiastic about local church ministry. We would be particularly blessed by students who have a heart for planting and revitalizing New England churches. Opportunities include teaching and leading groups, youth and children’s ministry, being a part of the praise band, leading outreach efforts, accompanying leaders in counseling and shepherding moments, leading Sunday morning worship, preaching, leadership meetings and vision discussions, and being connected to larger church planting and revitalization movements within New England.

HOURS: 10 - 15 hours per week.

FINANCES: $2,000 stipend per year. 

TIME: We would love to have students year round, but we are also flexible to the students’ schedule and time needs.

OTHER: Cornerstone Church is an evangelical, theologically orthodox, baptistic church that is passionate about proclaiming Jesus, building up the faithful, and reaching the lost. Our ministry team welcomes students in on the exciting journey of seeking the Lord, shaping a fresh gospel-saturated culture in an historic New England church, working to reach our community, and building robust discipleship. We also desire to be used of God to help prepare future ministry leaders for greater kingdom work.

TRAVEL TIME: 10 minutes from Gordon-Conwell.


POSITION: We are looking for applicants with teachable attitudes and willing hearts to serve our Chestnut Hill campus, especially in the following high priority roles: Music Ministry (monthly opportunity to lead music; regular participation in weekly music team), Youth Ministry (teach youth class every other Sunday, attend non-Sunday youth meetings twice a month), and Sunday morning operations (pre-service setup and post-service cleanup). Other ministry areas such as Children’s Ministry, Community Groups, and Local outreach and service projects are also available. Interested students are highly encouraged to take at least a semester to regularly attend and participate in the life of the church to ensure a good fit.

HOURS: 10 or 20 hours per week.

FINANCES: Stipend may be available. Most ministry-related expenses, if made out-of-pocket, will be reimbursed.

TIME: Dates are flexible.

OTHER: Citylife Church is part of the PCA, the Redeemer church-planting network (Redeemer City to City), and The Gospel Coalition network. Those desiring to learn and be in a church that is shaped by the same values will benefit greatly. We are a gospel-centered and gospel-driven church that seeks to uphold orthodox beliefs, while also engaging the culture and skeptics in a winsome and intelligible way. The Chestnut Hill campus launched in 2011, so we are a fairly new congregation. Many opportunities exist, given our “infancy stage.”

TRAVEL TIME: 1 hour from Gordon-Conwell.


  • SITE: 39 Main St. PO Box 275. Essex, MA 01929
  • PHONE: (978) 471-9622 (c), (978) 768 - 7855 (w)
  • MENTOR: Reverend Tim Ziegenhals
  • EMAIL: 
  • DENOMINATION: Congregational

POSITION: Exposure to all areas of pastoral ministry, according to the student’s need and experience. Areas include teaching to all ages, administration, visitation, preaching, worship leading and pastoral care. We are looking for students who are relational and have a love for Jesus and others. Must be teachable and flexible, have a sense of humor, and not be afraid to fail.

HOURS: 10 hours per week.

FINANCES: Stipend of $500 for the academic year.

TIME: Fall 2016.  

OTHER: We are a welcoming and multi-generational community. There are many opportunities to serve, and we provide a family away from home for seminarians. We are a model of church revitalization with fresh assessment taking place for how to grow in outreach and fruitfulness.

TRAVEL TIME: 8-10 minutes from Gordon-Conwell.


POSITION: We are looking for true disciples of Jesus Christ who desire to fulfill his/her mission in a small, Bible-preaching/teaching evangelical church setting. Opportunities include preaching, teaching, outreach, music, worship and administration. A heart for local church ministry would be essential to making the most of this opportunity.

HOURS: Minimum 10 hours per week; hours to be determined.

FINANCES: With the right fit, this can be a paid position

TIME: September-December; could begin earlier.     

OTHER: A sense of calling for New England church ministry would be ideal, but not required. Expository preaching and teaching is an important characteristic of this church, and we are constantly reminded that being made disciples and making disciples is what it is all about. We strive to show love and support of one another, and to live a life of worship of our God and Savior, empowered by His Spirit!

TRAVEL TIME: 1.3 hours from Gordon-Conwell.


  • SITE: 235 Forest Street, Malden, MA 02148
  • PHONE: (781) 321-1828
  • MENTOR: Rev. Paul C. McPheeters                                          
  • EMAIL:

POSITION: We are looking for a student who is open to growth, willing to serve, and has a sense of humor! The variety of pastoral opportunities at FCC include teaching of adults or youth, occasional preaching, leading worship, “Bread of Life” feeding ministry, evangelism, and personal discipleship.

HOURS: 10 – 12 hours per week.

FINANCES: $3000 per semester.

TIME: Fall and Spring semester (September to April/May). Ideally, we would like to have a student who would be with us for multiple years while at seminary.

OTHER: We are an evangelical, Conservative Congregational Christian Conference (CCCC) church. We are committed to loving God, loving others, and making disciples. We have a small facility, but a large heart for advancing God’s Kingdom in our north-metro region. We have planted multiple churches in order to accomplish that purpose, and we continue to grow and thrive as a Body in our neighborhood.

TRAVEL TIME: 30 minutes from Gordon-Conwell.


  • SITE: 10 Milk St., Suite 230, Boston, MA 02108
  • PHONE: (617) 292-0990
  • MENTOR: David Cho
  • EMAIL:

POSITION: We are looking for applicants with teachable attitudes who are seeking opportunities to serve at our Boston campus. Responsibilities may include co-leading or assisting with community groups, assisting with our University Ministry in regards to community formation for college students, developing curriculum for various church ministries, assisting in Children and Youth Ministry, researching and coordinating local service projects, and assisting in our Faith and Work Forum.

HOURS: 10 hours per week or 20 hours per week.

FINANCES: Stipend may be available. Most ministry-related expenses, if made out-of-pocket, will be reimbursed.

TIME FRAME: Flexible.

OTHER: Citylife Church is part of the PCA, the Redeemer church-planting network (Redeemer City to City), and The Gospel Coalition network. We are a gospel-centered and gospel-driven church that seeks to uphold orthodox beliefs while also engage the culture and skeptics in a winsome and intelligible way. Those desiring to learn and be in a church that is shaped by the same values will benefit greatly.

TRAVEL TIME: 1 hour from Gordon-Conwell.


POSITION: The student will receive the opportunity to work in a variety of ministry settings.  We have maintained a good working relationship with GCTS and Mentored Ministry students being part of the church in the past. South End Church meets at Emmanuel Gospel Center and our immediate neighborhood is the Villa Victoria section of the South End. Opportunities a student will have: Preaching once a semester, Helping to lead service, teaching adult Sunday School Class, Discipleship. This is a diverse church in the city, congregation of 100, lots of opportunities to minister, with a good reputation in the neighborhood. We meet at Emanuel Gospel Center ( so the church is a good bridge from seminary to city.  If interested, please contact the mentor directly.

HOURS: 10 hours per week.

FINANCES: $600 per semester.

TIME FRAME: Can begin Fall, Spring or Summer.

TRAVEL TIME: 35 minutes from Gordon-Conwell.


  • SITE: 74 Pleasant St. Arlington, MA 02476
  • PHONE: 781-646-4071
  • MENTOR: Rev. Dr. Peter K. Ho
  • EMAIL:

POSITION: This is an opportunity for a student to teach Sunday School to English speaking young adults, as well as lead a once a month young adult fellowship. The student will have the opportunity to preach once a month if seminarian desires. **This position can lead into a permanent ministry in various capacities (e.g., youth pastor, young adult pastor, associate pastor) so we are seeking someone who is able to stay at our church for a minimum of one year.  We are open to Chinese and non-Chinese students, as well as male or female students, and the ability to speak Chinese is helpful but not required.

HOURS: 10 hours per week.

FINANCES: $400-$500 per month, depending on hours.

TIME FRAME: Fall, Spring, and/or Summer.

OTHER: Chinese Baptist Church of Boston seeks to be a movement of Great Commission Christians who are glorifying God by building Christ's Church worldwide. Our mission is to know Jesus Christ; exalt Him as Savior, Sanctifier, Healer, and Coming King; and complete His Great Commission: Evangelizing and discipling persons throughout the United States; Incorporating them into Christ-centered, community-focused congregations; and Mobilizing them for active involvement in a missionary effort designed to plant Great Commission churches among both unreached and responsive peoples worldwide.

TRAVEL TIME: 45 minutes from Gordon-Conwell.


POSITION: This position is diverse in its content. The student can work with music, learn challenges of turning around a Mainline Church, work with non-churched youth in an urban neighborhood, participate in the love of the congregation by preaching on an irregular basis, and facilitate Bible studies as well as work with church volunteers who are ministering in the neighborhood.

HOURS: 10 hours per week.

TIME FRAME: Start up dates corresponds to the student’s semester, either Fall, Spring, or Summer.

FINANCES: Transportation covered; possible grants available

OTHER: This church is a missional calling. The student with gain the experience of learning the challenges in turning around a mainline congregation. The pastor has served as a missionary for many years and can also mentor the student on missions.

TRAVEL TIME: 55 minutes from Gordon-Conwell.


POSITION: There are many ministry opportunities at Evangelical Congregational, including preaching; teaching Sunday School; Small Groups or Bible Studies; Working with and leading the youth group; Worship ministry; Visitation; Discipleship training; Outreach/Evangelism planning and strategizing; and Participation in leadership meetings. We are seeking a male student who is a born-again Christian (John 3:1-8), baptized in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit (Matt 28:19-20); who realizes that his salvation is solely a gift of God’s grace, and is devoted to a life of obedience to the Lord. The student’s beliefs and doctrines should accord with the core doctrines of the Conservative Christian Congregational Conference (CCCC).

HOURS: 10 hours per week.

FINANCES: Possible coverage for fuel costs.

TIME FRAME: As soon as possible; available throughout the year.

OTHER: We are a member of the Conservative Christian Congregational Conference. The church is evangelical in its persuasion. Average attendance on a Sunday morning is anywhere from 40 to 50. We follow a more traditional form of worship that seeks to give all the glory to God. The organ is our primary instrument, but we also use the piano for our praise choruses. Currently, the church is in a process of revitalization. We love the Lord, His Church and His Word. We are faithful in deeds of service and serving those who are in need. Though the commute to Lancaster may be substantial, we offer the intern the full panoply of ministry opportunities, with limited competition with other GCTS students.

TRAVEL TIME: 1 hour 15 minutes from Gordon-Conwell.


POSITION: The student will have the opportunity to work in intergenerational ministry, planning and carrying out small groups and Bible studies. Working with the lay leadership, as well as team planning with other people on the ministry team.

HOURS: 15 - 20 hours per week.

FINANCES: Stipend included, amount TBD.

TIME FRAME: As soon as possible.

OTHER: The church has a variety of team members that the student will receive the opportunity to work with these individuals. Our congregation is gracious in that we understand that we are looking for someone who is learning, we want to make room for someone to try new things and learn in the process. We have a brand new educational building with lots of room in it for indoor small group studies. We are not looking for someone who can entertain, but we are looking for someone who is serious about discipling adults and is a team player.

TRAVEL TIME: 45 minutes from Gordon-Conwell.

PARK STREET CHURCH – Various (Leadership Immersion Internship)

POSITION: The purpose of the Leadership Immersion is to provide seminary students ministry experience within the context of a church setting while furthering the ministry of park Street Church through the efforts of those who serve in this program.  Five growth areas will be stressed within the Leadership Immersion: creativity, responsibility, relationship, theological application, and spirituality.  It is the purpose of the Leadership Immersion to cultivate and integrate these areas of leadership within the lives of the students who participate as current and future church leaders for the sake of those who serve and the kingdom of God. The intern will serve for a minimum of two consecutive semesters in a specified area of ministry, and have opportunities to be involved in various ways.

HOURS: 10 hours per week.

FINANCES: Financial compensation may be offered if available that will not exceed $1,000 per semester per intern.

TIME FRAME: Minimum of two consecutive semesters of commitment.

OTHER: We believe that Jesus Christ, who is God incarnate, is the only way of salvation and that the Bible is the inspired and inerrant Word of God. On average, we number over 1,900 people based on weekly attendance. To make our large church feel smaller, we have over 100 small group communities in which we live out Jesus’ command to love God, neighbor, and one another. Park Street is an historic, youthful, family-friendly, missions-oriented church in the city of Boston.  For more information, please see website

TRAVEL TIME: 45 minutes from Gordon-Conwell.


  • SITE: 50 Bennington St. Boston, MA 02128
  • MENTOR: Dave Searles
  • PHONE: 617-569-7339
  • EMAIL:

POSITION: We will provide a place for mentored ministry in a diverse urban church and neighborhood. Opportunities for a broad and varied experience are available in this setting. Some of the possibilities are: ESL Program, evangelism, teaching, preaching, worship leadership, community development, and networking, youth ministry, children’s ministry, food assistance ministry, ministry to the family.

HOURS: 10 hours per week.

TIME FRAME: Flexible.

OTHER: We are a small inner city congregation located in a diverse neighborhood of Boston. Different races, nations, and ages worship together and journey together as followers of Christ. The mentor is a 1987 graduate of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and has been in urban ministry since 1990.

TRAVEL TIME: 45 minutes from Gordon-Conwell.


  • SITE: 493 Washington Street, Weymouth MA
  • PHONE: 781-340-0593
  • DENOMINATION: Assemblies of God
  • MENTOR: Rev. Karen Rydwansky

POSITION: There are a variety of opportunities at Crossroads including: Children’s Church, youth group, worship team (musicians and singers), and discipleship. There is also opportunity for bilingual experience.   We have a Brazilian population in our church that holds services in Portuguese and they need help in all areas as well.

HOURS: 2 hours prep / 5 hours on Sunday (a.m. service) / Flexible other services (Wed, Thurs, Sat, Sun p.m.)

FINANCES: Gas (and possibility for a stipend or scholarship, as church grows).

TIME FRAME: Year-round availability

OTHER: Crossroads Worship Center is a young, growing church plant.  It is an international body of believers with a dozen countries represented. There is a great mix of ages, backgrounds, education, and church experience within the congregation. We are looking for a committed, energetic, creative seminary student who has a passion for building God’s Kingdom, having a willingness to adapt and a positive attitude.

TRAVEL TIME: 45 minutes from Gordon-Conwell (depending on traffic).


  • SITE: 503 Main Dunstable Road, Nashua, NH 03062
  • DENOMINATION: Non-denominational/Christian Church-Churches of Christ
  • MENTOR: Ron Kastens,

POSITION: Students will be able to work in any variety of different ministry areas depending upon their interest, whether that is general ministry, small groups ministry, youth ministry, children’s ministry, or worship arts ministry. We are looking for students who are self-motivated, humble, faithful, and personable.  CrossWay is a contemporary style church that exists to bring living hope to broken people through a growing relationship with Jesus. CrossWay is a multi-site church. Students will be able to experience multi-staff ministry in a multi-site contemporary New England church.

HOURS: 10 hours per week; hours are flexible.

FINANCES: Ministry expenses covered (including mileage).

TIME FRAME: Year-round availability.

TRAVEL TIME: 75 minutes from Gordon-Conwell.

MIDDLETON CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH – Various Opportunities for Multiple Students

  • SITE: 68 Maple St.; Middleton, MA 01949
  • PHONE: 978-774-3788
  • MENTOR: Rev. Larry Schell
  • EMAIL:

POSITION: Looking for one or more students, not strictly limited to these opportunities. Youth Ministry, Christian Education, Teach a Sunday School class for either children or adults. Presently trying to develop an adult program that includes more than one option. Worship Leadership and Preaching: Desire to see student interns assist in worship on Sunday mornings. Many opportunities to be involved with weekly worship services, including opportunities to preach.

HOURS: 10 hours per week.

FINANCES: $500 per semester.

TIME FRAME: Flexible; Fall or Spring preferred

OTHER: The student(s) should have a desire to grow in his or her knowledge of the Lord as well as a desire to make Him known! Some characteristics that would be desirable include flexibility, teach-ability, and humility. MCC is a vibrant, growing community of believers in Jesus Christ. In addition to conservative Biblical theology, MCC has wonderful fellowship.

TRAVEL TIME: 20 minutes from Gordon-Conwell.


  • SITE: 30 Milk Street, Westborough, MA  01581
  • PHONE: 508-736-5735
  • DENOMINATION: non-denominational
  • MENTOR: Pastor Steve Misarski

POSITION: We are looking for a student(s) who are teachable, friendly, fun, some organizing skills, self-motivated, flexible, creative. Musical abilities not needed but helpful. The student must be passionate about Jesus and a love for all kinds of people. Opportunities include: Youth ministry, Pastoral ministry, Outreach, Discipleship. Youth: Lead fellowship, retreat-planning, execution, outreach in town and discipleship. Young Adult Ministry: mentoring and fellowship. Christian Education: Sunday School teaching.  Pastoral: Some preaching, visitation, community networking. 

HOURS: 12-15 hours per week.

FINANCES: Mileage plus stipend to be arranged.

TIME FRAME: Dates are flexible: Sept-Dec, Jan-May. 

OTHER: A great community of faith; very positive and encouraging environment. Opportunities to work with believers of great maturity.  Fun-loving church, passionate worship but respectful of tradition and church history. Bible-based, leans Calvinistic. Spirit-filled but not charismatic. Grace oriented. Growing in evangelistic fervor and prayer.

TRAVEL TIME: 50 - 60 minutes from Gordon-Conwell.


  • SITE: 65 Eastern Avenue, Essex, MA 01929
  • PHONE: 978-768-3539
  • DENOMINATION: Grace Brethren
  • MENTOR: Pastor Jack Brown

POSITION: Music: Being involved with an established worship team for the leading of the worship portion of our service; Youth: We currently have a middle school and a high school group in need of leadership; Establishing Community Bible Studies: “Christianity Explored” (an evangelistic study based on the Gospel of Mark); Leading or assisting in leadership of our Discipleship programs; Future Church Planting. The list could go on… our desire is to establish churches on the North Shore that are committed to the sufficiency of God’s Word for all of life and godliness… we are developing a missions organization that will help to mentor men who are interested in planting churches on the North Shore… give us a call and find out more about who we are and how you might fit in. We would like individuals who are committed to the ministry of the local church and nor just fulfilling the requirements.

HOURS: Flexibile.


TIME FRAME: Flexible.

OTHER: Looking for a student with the 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1 characteristics of an elder. Our church is a caring family of believers who are very involved in one another’s lives. It is often that a group of families are together for play dates with kids, watching sports, or just hanging out. A student would find a true family atmosphere. 

TRAVEL TIME: 10 minutes from Gordon-Conwell.


  • SITE: 60 Prospect Street, Peabody, MA  01960
  • PHONE: 978-531-1964
  • MENTOR: Rev. Grant Hoofnagle 

POSITION: Depending on the student’s gifts and interests, opportunities could go from youth and children’s ministry to preaching and worship leading.  In addition, we offer opportunity to do adult discipleship by leading home group Bible studies.  We are presently involved in recovery ministry to parents of addicted children and are working to develop a significant outreach to that population.  We would love to see the founding of a young adult ministry in addition to broadening our communication and media ministries.  Please visit MM Office for a more detailed description.

HOURS: Flexible. We are at present staffed in most of the above-mentioned areas and therefore are in a position to offer the right student(s) the opportunity to fulfill their MM requirements while engaging in a ministry they are truly gifted and passionate about within time commitments that are comfortable to the student(s).

FINANCIAL: None at present, but negotiable.

TIME FRAME: Flexible.

OTHER: We are a growing, conservative church that is increasingly working to position itself for greater outreach & ministry within our locality, while continuing to challenge the congregation to continue to grow deeper in the Word and in their commitment to Christ.  This is in exciting time to minister at South Church…!  Looking for student(s) who love God and have a passion for seeing others brought to Christ.

TRAVEL TIME: 15 minutes from Gordon-Conwell.