Young Adults and Singles

Below you will find the most current list of Mentored Ministry Opportunities in the Hamilton Campus area, especially pertaining to Young Adults and Singles Ministry.

Our office strives to keep the listings below as up to date as possible. All postings have a trained and approved mentor in place. Please note that while these postings reflect the desire of certain ministries and churches to have a seminarian work with them, ministry opportunities for GCTS students are not limited to this list.

GRACE CHAPEL (LEXINGTON) – Young Adult Ministry

  • SITE: 59 Worthen Road, Lexington, MA 02421
  • PHONE: (781) 862 – 8351, ext. 151
  • MENTOR: Pastor Doug Whallon
  • EMAIL:
  • DENOMINATION: Non-denominational

POSITION: We are looking for a student and spouse (preferably married for 5 years or more) to help guide, and provide occasional teaching and leadership for a group/class for young, married couples. Each week includes a new topic with group discussion and personal application. The student will be responsible for preparing for and leading this time. Group attendance for the last two years have ranged around 15-25 persons/wk and included more than 15 couples. This group meets Sunday mornings from 9:15-10:30am, and we would strongly recommend attending our 11am worship service that follows.

HOURS: 10-12 hours per week

FINANCIAL: $2000 for academic year (paid in a fall and a winter installment).

TIME FRAME: Sept. 16 – May 27 (with breaks during late Dec., Easter, and per request).

OTHER: The young married couples group/class was pioneered by a GCTS student and her husband three years ago. It is designed for couples who have been married 10 years or less, most have been married for 5 years or less. In the context of a vibrant fellowship, the group strives to help cultivate a healthy marriage by learning biblical principles and practical ways to build a Christ-centered marriage.

TRAVEL TIME: 30 minutes from Gordon-Conwell


  • SITE: 74 Pleasant St. Arlington, MA 02476
  • PHONE: 781-646-4071
  • DENOMINATION: Christian Missionary Alliance
  • MENTOR: Rev. Dr. Peter K. Ho
  • EMAIL: (Phone preferred)

HOURS: 10 hours / week

FINANCIAL: $400-$500 per month, depending on hours

TIME FRAME: Fall, Spring, and Summer; student may start earlier than Fall if student wishes

OTHER: Chinese Baptist Church of Boston is a Southern Baptist Church, and as such we seek to be a movement of Great Commission Christians who are glorifying God by building Christ's Church worldwide.

Our mission is to know Jesus Christ; exalt Him as Savior, Sanctifier, Healer, and Coming King; and complete His Great Commission:
- Evangelizing and discipling persons throughout the United States
- Incorporating them into Christ-centered, community-focused congregations
- Mobilizing them for active involvement in a missionary effort designed to plant Great Commission churches among both unreached and responsive peoples worldwide.

TRAVEL TIME: 45 minutes from Gordon-Conwell

PEOPLE’S A.M.E. Church - Youth and Young Adults Coalition

  • SITE: 285 Commandants Way Suite 8, Chelsea, MA
  • MENTOR: Rev. Sandra G. Whitley
  • PHONE: 617-336-7177
  • EMAIL:
  • DENOMINATION: African Methodist Episcopal (A.M.E)

POSITION: We recently implemented a ministry to reach youth and young adults in the church and community. This ministry project is awaiting an energetic, enthusiastic and “God is the limit” student to serve as ministry leaders for the male and female young people. The leader will implement the ministry designed for the youth, young adults in and out of the church.  

HOURS: 10 hours per week.

FINANCIAL: To be determined.

TIME FRAME: Fall - Spring.

OTHER: This church models Christian character, is committed to the work of ministry and service for the Lord Jesus Christ, and desires to work with young people from all walks of life, experiences and cultures.  

TRAVEL TIME: 36 - 45 minutes from Gordon-Conwell.