Amazon releases the Reformation Commentary on Scripture: Romans 1–8, edited by Dr. Gwenfair Walters Adams.

April 30, 2019

Dr. Adams notes that this seven-year project has been a pure joy: “Reading the letter to the Romans with the reformers is a fascinating adventure, for in many ways they were going through the very transition that Paul discusses in Romans 1–8, which gave the letter an added sense of urgency and relevance to them.”

In addition to Dr. Adams, our thanks go out to several Gordon-Conwell alumni and teaching assistants who were involved with the project at various stages: Paul Watkins, Aaron Gies, Steve Mapa, Ian Drummond, Hope Crelin, Sam Alberty, Liz Marvel, Adrienne Willhoft, Jason Mackey, Sarah Wilsey, Simone Baird, and Nina Walters, as well as to the Trustees, Administration and Faculty.

The Reformation Commentary on Scripture introduces a wealth of Reformation-era commentary on Scripture that is largely unknown and for the most part unavailable in English. Arranged by the books of the Bible, the commentary series allows the living voices of the church at that moment to speak again as they engage the sacred text.

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