Past Events

We are in the process of transferring all of our audio recordings of past seminars and conferences to the Gordon-Conwell Online Store.  Below is a short list of past events, as well as resources available from each event.  Please use this page as reference and click here to visit the Gordon-Conwell Online Store.

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Pastors' Forums

2017 Pastoral Care and Gender Identity with Steve Froehlich
2016 Sharing the Gospel in an Increasingly Unchurched Culture with James Choung 
2016 Pastoral Ministry as an Apprenticeship with Jesus with Zack Eswine
2016 No Time for Mission? Cultivating a Missional Imagination for Over-Busy Christians with Neil Hudson
2016 People on the Move: How Will the Church Respond to the Refugee Crisis with Steve Haas and Rahsaan Graham of World Vision
2015 Dying Well: Ethical and Pastoral Perspectives with Dennis Hollinger, Patrick Smith and Karen Mason
2014 How Can a Biblical Sermon be so Boring with Kevin DeYoung
2013 Greater Things For...Our Communities..Our Cities...New England with Andy Crouch
2013 Tolkien's Apocalyptic Vision with Sean McDonough
2012 Leading Comeback Churches to Transformational Ministry with Ed Stetzer
2012 What Happens Between Sundays? with David W. Gill
2012 Reading for Preaching with Cornelius Plantinga
2012 The Surprising Workings of God with John Yates
2011 The Ministry: A Fellowship of Receivers and Deliverers with Michael Horton
2011 On Being in the Image of God with Ben Witherington
2011 Enriching Your Preaching through Theological Reflection with D.A. Carson
2011 Leading in the Church Today: What we must Learn, Unlearn and Never Forget with Kevin DeYoung
2011 Relating to Roman Catholics: Challenges and Opportunities Facing Church Leaders with Chris Castaldo



2015 The Surprising Work of God: Calling the Church to Spiritual Renewal with Walter Kaiser, Jr., George Marsden, Jim Singleton, Jr., Ed Stetzer, Tim Tennent, Grant Wacker, Adrian Weimer and Garth Rosell
2014 Inside-Out and Upside-Down: The Subversive Power of Christian Discipleship with Mark Buchanan
2013 "God With Us:" The Theme of Divine Presence in Scripture with Douglas Stuart, Lawrence Stager, James Hoffmeier, Donna Petter, Gregory Beale, Gordon Hugenberger, Gary Pratico
2013 From the Garden to the Sanctuary: The Promise & Challenge of Technology with John Dyer, Arthur Boers, Rosalind Picard, Albert Erisman and David Gill
2012 A Grace Disguised: When Life's Challenges Meet God's Purposes with Joni Eareckson Tada, Kathy McReynolds and David Deuel
2011 CASKET EMPTY with Carol Kaminski and David Palmer
2010 Reasons for Believing: Knowing What You Believe, Believing What You Know with Stuart McAllister, Mike Licona and Patrick Smith
2009 The Word Shaped Church: Making the Word of God Central in the Life of the Local Church with Kay Arthur and David Arthur
2009 Renewing the Evangelical Mission Conference with Os Guinness, Michael Horton, Bruce McCormack, Mark Noll, J.I. Packer, Cornelius Plantinga, Jr., Tite Tieunou, Kevin Vanhoozer, Miroslav Volf and Lauren Winner