About OMP


The objective of the OMP is to mobilize, train and send out teams of students into cross-cultural areas around the world where they can learn to serve the poor, share their faith and network with Christians and missionaries from a broad spectrum of other cultures and church traditions.

Program Description

The OMP program offers students two course credits in missions and the option of two units of mentored ministry. WM720, offered over three weekends during the spring semester, is the prerequisite orientation class for all OMP participants (including non-student spouses who wish to go). WM721 is a contextualized, field-based learning experience of supervised cross-cultural ministry. It is required for all pursuing an M.A. in Missions and Evangelism, and it is also open to all members of the Seminary community. All participants must be endorsed and sent by a local church.

Class Credit for OMP:

  • WM720: Overseas Missions Practicum Orientation (may be audited)

  • WM721: Overseas Missions Practicum

  • Up to 2 units of Mentored Ministry

The OMP Process

Students who are interested in participating in an OMP for the next summer should submit an application online by 20th January, 2016. They will be asked to schedule a time for interview with Rev. Ro during the application process. An acceptance letter will be sent to students 2-3 weeks after the interview. Students are responsible for registering the courses WM720 & 721 for the Spring and Summer semester respectively, and participate in fundraising as a team for their trip. More information about OMP opportunities for 2016 can be found here. Applications open 19th November, 2016. There will be an informational lunch on 19th November in Kerr 419 at 11:30am-1:30pm.