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Online Master of Arts in Christian Ministries (MACM)

What is the online MACM degree?

The Master of Arts in Christian Ministries (MACM) is one of Gordon Conwell's newest degree programs. The program combines substantial biblical and theological learning with flexible ministry training for diverse roles and callings found both inside and outside of the church. Designed with the working professional in mind, the MACM gives students the opportunity to earn their degree without having to relocate and/or sacrifice their family, ministry, or work obligations.

Who should consider the online MACM degree?

The MACM offers excellent academic training and practical ministry skills for those who have diverse callings and are interested in an integrative theological education that provides grounding in multiple disciplines.  Combined with the hands-on training through the Mentored Ministry program, the MACM enhances students’ proficiency in serving the Lord and others. Upon graduating, MACM students enter and continue in a wide-range of vocations including:

  • Pastors (Senior, Youth, Family, Children, Worship, Executive, Discipleship, etc.)
  • Para-church Leaders and Staff
  • Teachers
  • Missionaries
  • Non-Profit Leaders and Staff
  • Community Organizers
  • Church Leaders (Elders/Deacons, Small Groups, Men's and Women's Ministries, etc.)
  • Ministry Leaders
  • Marketplace Leaders

How long does it take?

The online MACM program is designed to be completed in as few as three (3) years taking two (2) classes per semester. However, some students choose to pursue a more accelerated route (more classes per semester), while others are more comfortable taking one (1) class at a time. The program is flexible enough to accommodate the pace needed by each student.

Can the program be taken entirely online?

Up to 67% (40 credit hours) of the online MACM program can be taken fully online. The remaining 34% (20 credit hours) can be completed through a combination of online course work and intensive residency experiences.  Over the three-year period, a student taking two classes a semester can complete the degree having spent as few as three (3) weeks (about one week per year) in Charlotte, North Carolina or other designated residency locations.  In addition, students also complete supervised Mentored Ministry rotations locally.

Online MACM students also have the optional benefit of taking classes at any of Gordon-Conwell's four campuses (South Hamilton, MA; Boston, MA; Charlotte, NC; Jacksonville, FL) or classes held at other locations both within the United States and internationally.

What courses will I take?

In addition to core online classes in areas like Bible, theology, missions, church history, and spiritual formation, the MACM program features online concentration courses in leadership, counseling, and education as well as practical Mentored Ministry opportunities. A list of courses is provided below:

Click here to download the online MACM degree program checksheet.

Introductory Courses

  • CT500: Introduction to Theological Research (1 credit hour, required in first year)
  • MC507: Reflection and Formation for Ministry (1 credit hour, required in first year)

General Course Requirements:

  • OT500: Old Testament Survey (required in first year)
  • NT501: New Testament Survey (required in first year)
  • NT/OT517: Interpreting the Bible
  • TH501: Theology Survey I
  • TH502: Theology Survey II
  • CH501: Church History to the Reformation
  • CH502: Church History Since the Reformation
  • ET501: Christian Ethics
  • WM601: The World Mission of the Church

Concentration Courses:

  • MC/SF501: Spiritual Formation for Ministry
  • CL503: Foundations for Leadership*
  • EM502: Educational Ministry of the Church*
  • PC511: Introduction to Pastoral Counseling*
  • CL640: Managing Conflict*
  • MC585: The Christian Communicator*
  • Three Rotations of Mentored Ministry

*In place of any ONE the five noted concentration courses, the student may substitute another course with a CL, EM, PC, or MC code, in consultation with the MACM advisement staff.


  • 1 General Elective

Capstone Courses

  • NT/OT594: Biblical Theology
  • MC847: Ministry Formation & E-Portfolio Review (1 credit hour)
  • MC880/881: Integrative Project/Paper OR MC850 Readiness for Ministry

To get a feel for the courses above, click here to view current course syllabi.

Degree Goals

  • Students will be Scripturally grounded and fluent. They will be able to faithfully comprehend, interpret, and apply the English Bible within their own lives and the various contexts of ministry in which they serve.
  • Students will have a high and realistic vision of Christian ministry. They will be able to pursue their specific ministries with the vocational, academic, and theological excellence suited to the specific callings they pursue.
  • Students will be prepared for various ministry roles. They will be able to exegete their personal sense of ministerial calling and identity to develop academically and theologically informed modes of practice within their specific ministries.
  • Students will be knowledgeable about Christian formation. They will develop and practice personal models for ongoing spiritual formation and development and will be equipped to promote Christian formation in community, in the church, and other relevant contexts.
  • Students will be culturally sensitive and societally engaged. Students will understand and practice their specific ministries with an appropriate awareness of how ministry and the mission of the Church are shaped by historic, cultural, and ethnic dimensions of society.
  • Students will be globally aware and committed to the Gospel. Students will be able to comprehend the Christian faith and its multiple expressions though time and culture as an ongoing commitment to the Mission of God in Christ.

Ready to apply or want to learn more?

If you are ready to begin your seminary journey, we invite you to start your application today. Have questions and would like to speak with someone? We invite you to fill out an information request or give us a call toll-free at (855) 211-2474 to get in contact with one of our representatives.