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Primarily Online Degree Programs At Gordon-Conwell

Primarily Online Degree Programs: The Seminary Experience Made Local

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary understands that accessibility and flexibility of theological education are among the top criteria for many prospective students. That’s why every degree program at each of our four campuses can be completed up to 50% online through our on-demand style Semlink+ courses.

For those who need to maximize accessibility and flexibility, Gordon-Conwell is pleased to offer Primarily Online Degree Programs through our Charlotte, North Carolina campus. These low-residency programs provide multiple avenues to complete seminary studies without the need for relocation.  Students can combine real-time and on-demand course delivery formats depending on their schedule, needs, location and learning preferences.  Programs include:


Program Type

Credit Hours



Campus Visits

Specialized Concentrations

Primarily Online Master of Divinity  Academic & Professional 91 50% 50% 1x/year
  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Ministry Practitioner
  • Pastoral Care and Counseling
  • Christian Leadership
Primarily Online M.A. in Christian Leadership (MACL) Professional 61 67% 33% 1x/year N/A
Primarily Online M.A. in Christian Ministries (MACM) Professional 61 67% 33% 1x/year
  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Ministry Practitioner
  • Pastoral Care and Counseling
  • Christian Leadership
Primarily Online M.A. (Biblical Studies) Academic 61 50% 50% Flexible N/A
Primarily Online M.A. (Christian Thought) Academic 61 50% 50% Flexible N/A
Primarily Online M.A. (New Testament) Academic 61 50% 50% Flexible N/A
Primarily Online M.A. (Old Testament) Academic 61 50% 50% Flexible N/A
Primarily Online M.A. (Religion) Academic 61 50% 50% Flexible N/A
Fully Online Graduate Certificate in Christian Studies Certificate 31 up to 100% up to 100% None N/A

*To be considered for admission to a degree program, Gordon-Conwell requires a Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution by a recognized accrediting agency.  Students who do not have a Bachelor's degree are permitted to apply to the Certificate program. Students who are interested in pursuing a Master's program after completing the Certificate program should talk with the Admissions team for guidance.

Digital Course Formats: The Seminary Experience Gone Global

With the advent of new tools and technologies, the seminary classroom is no longer restricted to one place at one time.  Students from all over the world can now engage with their professors and each other in real-time or on-demand.  Digital course formats include:

  • Digital Live – Digital Live courses are designed for students who desire to participate in the real-time seminary classroom anywhere in the world.  Students are able to engage live with their Professor and Learning Teams.  In between class sessions, students complete on-demand online coursework.
  • Semlink+  –  Semlink+ courses are designed for students who desire maximum schedule flexibility.  Under the active oversight of a Professor, students complete on-demand online coursework each week with strategic and scheduled real-time moments between the students and the Professor and other students throughout the course.
  • Web-Enhanced – Web-Enhanced courses are a blend between on-demand and real-time course formats and are typically only found in the M.Div. or Professional Degree Programs.  Students complete weekly on-demand online coursework, have scheduled live online meetings, and also come together for a three-day in-person Residency experience.

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