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Faith Under Fire (Spring 2013)

  • An Anchor Through the Storms of Sandy Hook - Anne B. Doll
  • The 1st Century Church: The Unstoppable Faith that Changed the WorldDr. Aída Besançon Spencer
  • Persevering in Hope in a Challenging World - Danielle Durant (M.Div. ’92)
  • The Demographics of Martyrdom - Dr. Todd M. Johnson
  • The Living Gospel: The Church’s Historic Witness - Dr. Frank A. James III
  • Athanasius: Two Aspects of Faithfulness Under Fire - Dr. Donald Fairbairn

Hope Against All Odds (Spring 2012)

  • Hope in the Desert - Anne B. Doll
  • True Hope You Can Take to the BankEdward M. Keazirian
  • In the Furnace of Afflication: Lessons from the Life of Daniel - Carol N. Kaminski (MAOT, MAR, ’96), PH.D.
  • Joy in a Prison CellRoy E. Ciampa, Ph.D.
  • Hope for the WoundedKaren E. Mason, Ph.D.
  • Alumni on Hope - Rev. Sanders L. (Sandy) Willson (M.Div., ’82), Chaplain (Captain) Patrick Lowthian (M.Div., '01), Rev. Margaret Manning (M.Div., '96)

Why Theology Matters (Spring 2011)

  • On the Front LInes - Anne B. Doll
  • What is Theology? - Peter D. Anders, D.Phil (cand.)
  • Theology & Spiritual Formation - Gwenfair Adams, Ph.D
  • The Bible & Theology - Sean M McDonough, Ph.D.
  • The Role of Theology - John Jeff
  • The Wisdom of The Gospel - The Wisdom of the Gospel

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