Arts in the Church (Summer 2016)

Without spiritual depth and vitality, no one can minister effectively for very long. In this issue of Contact, we introduce a two-part series on spiritual formation at our four campuses. As you discover how our students’ minds and hearts are being shaped, we hope you, too, will be encouraged in your own spiritual growth.

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Made by a Maker to be a Maker

Bruce Herman, MFA, is the Lothlórien Distinguished Chair in the Fine Arts, Department Chair, and a professor of painting and drawing at Gordon College, Wenham, Massachusetts


Our Creative God

Have you forgotten just how creative God is? Look around at the world he created. Tim Laniak, reflects God's creativity as Divine Architect, King, Craftsman and Father. 


Playin' to the Glory of God

Elizabeth Osling (MASF, '17) follows a passion for exploring the intersection between the arts and the Christian faith


The Art of Grace

The Art Gallery is one of many veins of artistic expression pulsing through Grace Chapel. Any given Sunday service may involve video components, creative platform sets, dramatic performances or unique musical experiences.


The Original Artist

Rev. Dr. William David Spencer,

Th.D., discusses when we look at each other and around at our beautiful world, we should realize we are, in fact, illustrations of information about the great, relational, loving God.


A 16 Year Journey

Marcus Doe (M.Div., 15') chronicles his journey to forgiveness and embraces a vision to help the people of Liberia.