World Christian TrendsWorld Christian Trends

Features of World Christian Trends

  • 100-page chronology of 7,000 significant Christian and religious events
  • Who's Who of 1,800 Christian and religious leaders across 20 countries
  • Global statistical index of evangelism and evangelization
  • Statistics of religious persecution and Christian martyrs throughout history
  • Religious change across Europe since the end of the Communist era
  • Rapidly spreading Pentecostal and Charismatic churches worldwide
  • Explosive growth via Independent Christianity in Africa, Latin America, Asia
  • 74 global diagrams ("X-ray negatives" showing Christianity's inside workings)
  • Missions and global plans - a full report on strategies, successes, failures
  • Economics of Christianity - finances, poverty, cost-effectiveness of mission
  • Emerging political and demographic factors affecting the future of Christianity
  • The futuristics of Christianity and world religions with projections to AD 2200
  • Glossary of terms, extensive bibliographies, full-color global maps
  • Methodology of the massive survey in World Christian Encyclopedia 1982 to 2001culminating in World Christian Trends, AD30-AD2200

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