Center for the Development of Evangelical Leadership

The Center for the Development of Evangelical Leadership (CDEL) exists to carry out the GCTS stated vision, “to advance Christ’s Kingdom in every sphere of life by equipping Church leaders to think theologically, engage globally and live biblically.” CDEL also expands the GCTS Charlotte vision “to train men and women for ministry and impart to them a biblically rich and culturally sensitive vision for ministry.” CDEL uses biblical models that equip leaders to cultivate a kingdom-mindset for church and marketplace leadership in a diverse and changing world. CDEL serves students, leaders, partners, and friends of the Charlotte campus and beyond by offering resources, training, and events to holistically develop the person of the Christian leader.

CDEL is the premier center for training, coaching, and conferencing in:

•    Multi-ethnic Church and Organizational Leadership

•    Discipleship & Spiritual Formation

•    Missional Leadership and the Marketplace

•    Community Engagement and Transformation

Welcome to CDEL, Director Rod Cooper



History of CDEL, President Emeritus, Dr. Robert E. Cooley


Dr. Robert E. Cooley, President Emeritus, discusses the establishment of the Center for the Development of Evangelical Leadership (CDEL) in 1997. The center began with a focus on seminary presidential leadership before transitioning to a pastoral leadership focus. Today, we extend the focus of leadership beyond the academy and the church to discuss and shape Christian leaders who all leading in various capacities all across the world.


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