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Campus Libraries

As a Semlink+ student, you have access to all of Gordon-Conwell's library resources. Gordon-Conwell has three libraries (Hamilton, Charlotte and Boston). There is an online catalog available, and students can browse and find resources for classes.

Gordon-Conwell CAMPUS LIBRARIES website

Additionally, distance learning students can contact the library staff and have books mailed to them, at a modest cost to cover the shipping and handling. Up to six (6) books at a time can be borrowed from the library at $2.00 for the first book and 50 cents apiece for additional books to cover postage. Photocopies of journal articles are $0.20 each. To request a book, please email the appropriate library. The library email addresses are accessible from the Gordon-Conwell library's home page.

Chapel Messages

Chapel plays a significant role in the lives of on-campus seminary students. Now it is available to our distance learning students as well. A featured chapel is available each week, and there is also a catalog of past chapel messages. Follow the link below to go to Gordon-Conwell's chapel messages website.

CHAPEL MESSAGES page of the Gordon-Conwell website


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